How IVF for single women in India can help?

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How IVF for single women in India can help?

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IVF- Best Fertility Option for Single Women to have their own baby

Nowadays, more and more women choose the option of being a Single Mom or a single mother. So, know about IVF for single women in India. These moms sometimes referred as “Choice Moms”. Why these women known as Single women, because they don’t have a partner nor they wish to get married but they really desire to have a child or children and want to become a mother. Increasingly, there is emerging ratio of women, who choose the option to start families by their own. These women have numerous alternatives to become a single woman that include IUI, IVF with donor sperm, embryo donation etc.

So, if you are considering yourself as a single parent and want to hold your own baby by your eggs then IVF is the best ART technique to achieve the pregnancy. You must wonder how IVF is fruitful for you to achieve your own baby if you are a single woman, let’s crack your this question with some elaborate facts and jump into the detail of how IVF can help a single woman to attain motherhood.

How IVF can help a Single Woman to attain Motherhood

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the fertility treatment used to eliminate infertility issue in males and females. IVF is the only one ART technique that (on the basis of couple’s infertility case). It combines with other ART technique to bring off positive result, it furnishes a decent result in any of the infertility case.

Now the question comes, which is the best option to get pregnant for a single woman to get the tag of MOM in her life?

IVF with Donor Sperm! True, IVF, as said earlier, is the most productive fertility treatment that comes in ART methodology (ART consist of advanced fertility treatment that the best use for infertility case). IVF with donor sperm is the golden option for a single woman to get their motherhood.

How does IVF with Donor sperm work for Single Women?

The procedure of IVF with donor sperm does not follow complex or intricate steps. It follows the same procedure like normal IVF (at the beginning of the treatment). Fertility medications and hormonal drugs are given to the female in order to stimulate her ovaries and this in turn prompt larger number of eggs to develop (usually 5-10).

The development of these follicles is monitored under the guidance of trans-vaginal ultrasound and also blood hormonal level test. Once the specialist confirms the maturity of the eggs, these eggs are then removed by a minor surgical method and this step is referred as Egg Retrieval process.

The eggs then combined with the donated sperm in the fertility lab via a procedure known as ICSI (where a single and motile sperm is directly injected into the egg). ICSI is performed to facilitate smooth and fast fertilization. It is not mandatory to use this technique (ICSI), many of the fertility lab’s specialist directly mixes the egg with the sperm for fertilization. The best and motile sperm swims and penetrates to the wall of the egg and then fuses with it. During this process, one has to wait for the penetration of the sperm into the egg and that is the reason, why ICSI technique is preferred to achieve fertilization.

The embryo develops in the fertility lab for about 2-5 days and then at the stage of blastocyst, the best and healthiest embryo is transferred back to the single woman to carry pregnancy.

This is all about the procedure of how IVF with donor sperm helps a single woman to achieve motherhood.

You need to search for the Best IVF Centre for this procedure

Woman should go for the Best IVF Centre to get this treatment done. ART specialist IVF Centre comes up with the fit and fine Sperm Donor. Sperm Donors from IVF centre are free from any chromosomal abnormalities/ genetic defects, away from any infectious disease and most important have motile and active sperms (without any morphologically disorder), and this causes a smooth fertilization during IVF step.

This is the reason, why it is suggested to single out a reputed IVF centre that comes up with the best donor sperm.

What if a single woman parts with poor egg quality?

NOTE: if a female comes up with poor egg quality, she cannot use her own eggs with the donor sperm option because there is the equal role of both male’s sperm and female’ egg. If any of this (sperm or egg) unable to fulfill the requirement of fine nature then fertilization cannot take place.

Therefore, if a female provides poor egg at the time of egg collection then fertilization is hard to occur. If this case occurs, then a single woman may choose or go for the option of embryo donation.

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