T ESA which stands for the Testicular Sperm Aspiration is the modest aspiration technique in the field of IVF treatments. This procedure is also termed Epididymal Sperm Extraction. TESA involves the extraction of some tissue by using a Biopsy with the usage of a little amount of anesthesia. TESA procedure is made available for patients in India at We Care Health Services

TESA is suggested for which patients

It is advised for the ones who are facing one of these issues. Many of the issues are defined in the list below:

  • Patients with the blockage in the epididymis in proximity to testis
  • Patients with the blockage within the ducts of testes
  • Suitable for male partners with low quality sperm production

It is realized by the experts that the poor quality of sperm productionand their inability to reach the ejaculate is the primary reason of the infertility but still the underlying condition which causes infertility problem among the couples is not known.

Advantage of Testicular Sperm Aspiration

This TESA has increased the level of speculation and concerned among the couples and the citizens to use the genetic substance from an evolving germ cell for the testing purpose in the clinics. It is now advised to conduct all the tests of the medicines and drugs on the genetic material to study the results to the bestrather than experimenting on the animals for the genetic stability.

TESA procedure cost of treatment is less expensive as this does not involve expensive injection to be given to the patients.

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Disadvantage of Testicular Sperm Aspiration

single advantage
A single advantage that is being faced with this particular procedure is that the sperms retrieved in this procedure cannot be freezed effortlessly when compared with the ease to store vassal sperm. Due to this the male partner are forced to get the procedures repeated for the IVF treatment to have the desired results.
Results are poor in labs
Results are poor as experienced by the results in labs.

Success rates of the TESA

The success of the sperms retrieval thorough the surgical procedures are very similar to each other. Thus, the success rates of the TESA and PESA are similar and both can be performed by the means of diagnostics.Although there are some of the side effects of the TESA procedure for the patients as they have to undergo pain as well as swellings even though the needle in this TESA procedure is similar to that being used in other sperms retrieval thorough surgeries.

TESA has been widely used procedure in the area of surgical retrievals though sperms and is preferred for men. The men who are facing the non obstructiveand obstructive oligozoospermia are advised to undergo the procedure. The associated success rate for this procedure is near about 25% for each and every treatment cycle of this procedure if the patients is made to undergo repetitive cycles of treatment.This treatment is advised to men who are facing the above mentioned issues in the section TESA is suggested for which patients.