Sperm Freezing

S perm freezing is defined to be a process in which the orgasm of the males i.e. sperms are frozen and stored so as to preserve them for future use. Frozen and thawed sperms cells are capable to be successfully kept and used to give best result even when kept for more than 40 years. By the usage of advanced medical sciences, the sperms are frozen and stored in medium of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of minus 196C for long span of time and maintain their quality so that they can be brought into usage.

Need for sperm freezing

You can never predict what is going to happen the next moment therefore, to avoid any of the interference into your future fertility, the sperm freezing in encouraged. Various reasons one should go undergo sperm freezing are:

  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Vasectomy
  • High risk occupations or sports
  • Diabetes
  • Being away from during the time of assisted reproductive treatment.
  • Pelvic  or testicular surgery

Requirement of sperm sample

As each and every individual is different, similarly the requirement of sperm sample to be stored are also different. In general, two to five samples are enough to be frozen and stored for future. Few individuals even store more no of sample though. The chemotherapy and the time interval between the surgery are the deciding factor to analyze how many sample are required to be stored. It is recommended to abstain themselves from the intercourse and the ejaculation for a minimum of two days and not more than five days before the first sample and about two days between the samples.

Sperm storage

There have been no limit specified that for how long the frozen sperms can be used. Although, the standard storage time defined is of 10 years.  The period of storing the sperm can be increased in certain cases and reason for the same can be explained. Damage to the sperm can only occur only during the process of freezing or thawing and not while they are being frozen.

 A small amount of money is charged for each semen sample collected and is non refundable.

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Problems associated with sperm quality

T here are some problems associated with the quality and the no of sperms and that too in particular with the male partners when they have to undergo any kind of cancer treatment. The health problem of the concerned person have caused reduction in sperm count and in the mobility of the sperm.

I n case, the sperm count and its mobility is lower, than it is not considered suitable for the intra uterine insemination involved in the IUI, IVF procedures.

Problems if sperms no longer can be cryopreserved

I f the sperms can no longer be cryopreserved than other alternative are available and they are as follows:
  • Donation for scientific training
  • Removal from cryopreservation

Consent is to be given on signed documents on any option you choose and further details can be obtained from the hospital staff.