What Is Male Infertility in Delhi?

Infertility affects the couple's health and happy lives that require assistance. They cannot become parents because of their sterility conditions. It is increasing as many problems are affecting their lives. One in five couples has trouble getting pregnant and having a healthy kid. Both partners' reproductive health is essential and can influence their chances.  These diseases may develop as a result of medical or reproductive problems. Severe health problems or previous injury can interfere with partners' reproductive functions. Infertility in India is a common issue that affects the couple's chances conceive the child. Male infertility is increasing and affecting couples' lives as the male partner cannot impregnate their better half. These require treatments through assisted reproductive techniques. Male infertility treatment in Delhi can help you with different problems.

Male infertility issues require advanced assistance through ARTs procedures. Many approaches are available according to the man's conditions. You can impregnate the female partner to become a parent successfully. Every man in their life wants to hear the word DAD from their children. You can have your opportunity to have the previous one calling your father. Male infertility treatment in Delhi through the best centre performs with advanced procedures and approaches. You will achieve successful results.

The female partner has no sterility issues but cannot become pregnant. It happens because male infertility in Delhi affects sperm health. After multiple diagnoses, your specialist can confirm conditions. The male partner may have known problems, such as insufficient sperm production, blockages, damage, genetic disorders, etc. Your expert in the best fertility centre in Delhi will prefer some top-notch processes for successful results. After the process, you can have assistance ]with pregnancy results through the best centre.

What happens in normal condition?

Man ejaculates their orgasm in tiny cells referred to as sperm. During intercourse, these male reproductive cells are ejaculated and transferred into the female body. Sperms and the sex hormones of the male called testosterone form in the testicles. The testicles are defined to be present in the scrotum, which is a sac made up of skin present below the penis. When the sperms ejaculate from the testicles, they turn to store in the tube present behind the testicle called the epididymis.

Male fertility widely depends on the individual capability to produce normal sperm and then further deliver them. During intercourse, these sperm present inside the epididymis gets transferred into the female partner's vagina. During this transfer from the male’s body to the female's body, the sperm travels from the cervix into the uterus of the female’s body to reach out to the fallopian tubes. Once the sperm and the egg present in the female’s fallopian tubes meet, the fertilization process starts.

What Are the Male Infertility Symptoms in Delhi?

Male infertility conditions are unlikely to provide any symptoms or signs of the issue. Infertility or cannot impregnate the female partner is the main problem. The female partner does not have any infertility condition but cannot become pregnant. Your expert will recommend the male partner undergo some diagnosis. It will confirm your circumstances and suggest the best process for successful pregnancy results. You can have some unnoticeable changes that can be male infertility symptoms:

  • Sexual function problems such as ejaculation issues, and erectile conditions, reduce intercourse drives.
  • The male partner experiences pain, discomfort, swelling, or lump-like feeling on or near the genitals.
  • Less hair growth or abnormal breast development because of hormonal imbalance. 
  • The problem can only diagnose by a medical test carried out to check if the male partner is fertile or not.

What can cause male infertility problems?

Male infertility is much more common as many male partners cannot impregnate their female partners. The high percentage of male infertility in India affects their conception chances. Before starting the process, you should confirm the condition and influencing factors. Many health conditions and lifestyle factors cause male infertility problems. Your expert will recommend knowing the cases before selecting the male infertility treatment in Delhi. The following are the causes of Male infertility in Delhi: 

The reproduction process requires healthy male sperm and female eggs. Any gamete that has an issue will affect your chances become pregnant successfully. During the initial period of puberty, the growth and the formation of male reproductive organs involves. It is mandatory to have your testicles function properly and produce testosterone and other hormones that trigger the production of sperm. There is a problem with the production of healthy sperm due to medicines intake, radiation damage, infections, undescended testes, or torsion as twisting of the testes in the scrotum of the male partner or the genetic/chromosomal causes.
The male partner's sperm production is in the semen sample and stored in the testicles. Any blockage or infection can change its direction. Your reproductive system has created and produces healthy sperm but cannot deliver it during ejaculation in the semen. It can divert into the urinary bladder and release outside through the urine.
In case, when the no of sperms present inside the semen are insufficient, the chances of fertilization of the sperms with eggs is decreased.
The male partner cannot produce sperm in the semen because of any issue present in the reproductive health. It can happen because of many factors as any infection or blockage inside the tract. If the sperms are not motile or the functioning is abnormal, there are chances that they may not reach the female’s egg to fertilize them.
Hormonal problems include pituitary tumours, congenital lack of LH/FSH, or the androgenic steroid issue. Lifestyle factors and high weight can affect your reproductive hormones and cause poor sperm production.
The absence of sperm antibodies can also be the cause of male infertility. It may be due to vasectomy, injury or infection in the epididymis, or other unknown reasons. These all are the possible causes of male infertility. If when overcome, male infertility can reduce to a large extent.

These all are the possible causes of the male infertility. If when overcome, the male infertility can be reduced to a large extent.

How do you examine male infertility conditions? 

Regular physical checkups of the male partner can confirm infertility. Your expert can perform a few extensive screenings to determine the causes and perfect treatment for conditions. The treatment of male infertility will depend on your issues after diagnosis. 

The following tests listed below can use to assess male infertility as follows:

Semen Analysis test
It will ensure the sperm count and quality produce during the male ejaculation in the semen sample. You can have the test through the fertility centre or can confirm on a testing kit.
• Blood Test
The blood test can investigate the existence of the infection or hormonal problems. Hormonal levels have high effects on male infertility conditions.
Fluid Culturing
Your expert can culture fluid or examine urine to check the sperm's presence or infection. Sperm can release through the male urine in any blockage.
Physical examination
Physical examination of the penis, scrotum, and prostate can depict the problem presented in sperm production. Your expert will determine the genital formation, any swelling, pain, or disposition near or on outside reproductive parts.

What are the male infertility treatments in Delhi? 

Treatment of male infertility

The non-invasive and invasive procedures are available to assist the male infertility conditions. Your male infertility treatment in Delhi depends on the situation. Your expert will confirm the problems before suggesting the treatment. The best centre has a top-notch procedure for different issues to provide successful pregnancy results. The following cures can assist male infertility in Delhi:

  1. SSR: The Surgical Sperm Retrieval process can function to collect healthy sperm from the male reproductive tract. It can perform with a less invasive approach or a surgical procedure to collect the sperm. The TESA/MESA/PESA is the approach that provides healthy sperm. Your sperm can gather with a thin needle that inserts into the male testicles to aspirate the fluid.
  2. Counselling: The best male infertility doctor in Delhi examines the issues before starting the treatment. Some partners' psychological conditions can affect their sperm-producing ability. It will require consultation to manage your stress level to increase sperm production or decrease erectile dysfunction. 
  3. Hormonal: The hormonal imbalance that causes poor sperm count from the male reproductive tract can manage. Your expert will provide hormonal therapy with fertility and hormonal medicines to stable the reproductive hormones and increase sperm production from the system.
  4. Surgery: The surgical procedure can perform to open any blockage or remove the previous vas deference from the male reproductive system. It can regulate the last sperm flow and provide healthy sperm.  

Prevention of Male Infertility

Although infertility cannot prevent as this is all because of genetic disorders still, some actions can control it. A list of some measures which can lower the probability of male infertility is as below:

  • Avoid exposure to toxic substances
  • Avoid having long hot shower baths
  • Avoid undergoing radiation whenever possible
  • Avoid frequent intake of alcohol
  • Practice having good personal hygiene and health practices
  • Avoid illicit intake of drugs
  • Avoid having intercourse with transmitted diseases
How will you become pregnant after male infertility treatment? 

Your fertility expert will suggest the best assistance for pregnancy results after male infertility treatment in Delhi. The best centre provides highly successful assisted reproductive techniques for different issues. It helps in the successful conception performed with the best doctor assistant. The following procedure can perform after the male infertility process:

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): The best process for low sperm counts. The specialist may recommend IUI if the man has a low sperm count and minimal chances of conception. IUI works by injecting high-quality, prepared sperm into the female uterus. It will enable sperm to reach eggs without obstruction or difficulty. The procedure entails using a device to inject healthy sperm into the female uterus. It will implant into the uterine lining for development after fertilizing the eggs.
  • IVF: The best ART method for treating both male and female infertility is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Male partners with inadequate sperm quality or quantity may benefit from IVF treatment. The fertility and hormonal medicines increase the female partner's eggs. Partners' sperm and eggs retrieve from their reproductive system by the expert and insemination outside. The expert implant the embryo into the female uterus after successful fertilization. Other approaches to IVF in Delhi can provide high chances of conception.
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): These treatments can balance hormonal imbalances with reproductive medications. The medicines can occasionally produce sperm that is normal and sound, which your expert can then collect and use to fertilize eggs. Your specialist fertilizes each egg with a single ideal sperm. Intracytoplasmic morphological selected injection (IMSI) can use in several ways to treat a low sperm count in the male partner.
  • Surgery: Although the man can produce a sample of semen, he lacks sufficient sperm to fertilize the eggs. It may have a blockage in the testicles that prevents the release of sperm. Your specialist may be able to extract sperm from various areas of the reproductive tract with some invasions.
  • DONOR: Your pregnancy process can perform with the donor sperm in severe male infertility in Delhi. The IVF, IUI, or ICSI can function with donor sperm as used in the place of the male partner's sperm. It can fertilize with the female eggs or implant into the female uterus (IUI) for pregnancy results.

Which is the best centre for male infertility treatment in Delhi? 

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