O varian drilling is defined to be the procedure done during the procedure of laparoscopy. This procedure involves the usage of the laser fiber or the electrosurgical needle to be used to puncture the ovary from about 4 to 10 times. It triggers the ovulation in women having PCOS. This it used as option for the women’s who are not ovulating after they have lost weight and tried medications for fertility.

Process of ovarian drilling

The ovarian drilling takes place in various steps as listed below:

  • Insertion is done through the incision into the abdomen with general anesthesia.
  • A tube is placed to cause inflation in abdomen with the presence of little CO2 so as to ease the insertion of viewing instrument called laparoscope without damage to internal organs.

Note: Insertion of the surgical instruments can be done through small incision in the pelvic area also.

Due to small incisions involved in the procedure, laparoscopy is also known as Band-Aid Surgery.

Is ovarian drilling suitable for me?


Whenever we think of any procedure to be undergone, the first thing that come in our minds is that is this particular procedure suitable for me? Would this benefit me or cause some side effects. To give an answer to this here we specify that for what and whom the Ovarian Drilling procedure is suitable.

  • In case of having the regular menstrual cycle after this procedure, the chances if pregnancy becomes high.
  • If the menstrual cycle is not regular after the procedure than even the chances of pregnancy can be increased with the help of fertility drugs.
  • For few, the results of the ovarian drilling procedure are short term and the menstrual cycle may again become irregular.
Is ovarian drilling safe?
Ovarian drilling is safe yet some risks are associated with it. It similar to the thing that each and everything has some boons and banes. Some of the risks associated with the ovarian drilling procedure are as mentioned below:
  • Minimal risk of bleeding is associated with it.
  • Risks of infection and death in the surgery involved.
  • Chances of destruction of ovary. There are chances that there may be some damage to your supply of eggs to be reduced at younger age letting you to go into the stage of early menopause.
  • Probability of damage to your internal organs due to the tools used in the surgical procedure.

Why ovarian drilling is done?

It is suggested for the females affected from PCOS syndrome and are not ovulating after the weight loss even. By destroying some of the parts of the ovaries, periodic ovulation can be restored.

How successful this procedure is?

Half of the females are not able to deliver successful results and get pregnant if they show no response to the fertility drugs once they have undergone the ovarian drilling surgery.

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