Per Epididymal Sperm Aspiration

PESA stands for Per Epididymal Sperm Aspiration and is defined as the procedure involving surgery to locate the sperms which are the male orgasm if they are not found in the ejaculate. The system of tubes present inside the male reproductive system plays a vital role in deciding the success of the sperm production.

PESA is valued by which patients

PESA is valued by many patients if they are facing problems with the sperm production in cases of obstructive and non obstructive condition of not having the sperms in the ejaculate.

PESA is being used by the patients with one of the following conditions:

  • Men born with an absent vas deferens
  • Men with irreversible obstructions of the genital tract
  • Men facing testicular problems with deficiency of spermatogenesis
  • Men with failed vasectomy reversal

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How are PESA sperm used?
Sperms which have been retrieved by the PESA can be used to achieve pregnancy with the help of assisted reproduction technique of ICSI. To perform the procedure of ICSI the female partner have to undergo routine ovulation induction and egg collection performed on the day of PESA only. Sperms isolated during this procedure are injected into the eggs from female partner.
Success rates of PESA
Success rates of the fertility treatment like IVF, ICSI etc. performed using PESA sperms are very much similar to regular success rates of the fertility treatment without PESA.
Factors affecting PESA
There are various factors which affects the treatment of ICSI with PESA. Factors which affects the results of the ICSI treatment with PESA includes: • No of the embryos transferred • Age of the female partner involved in the production of eggs • Numbers of mature eggs available for micro injection Treatment with PESA has advancement over for the men with obstructive and non obstructive azoospermia. During early days, there was no help found for men to solve these problems.
Procedure of PESA
Procedure of PESA involves the insertion of a very fine needle into the epididymis for obtaining the sperms. In some of the cases, sperms are isolated from the seminiferous tubules in the laboratory after preparation. Seminiferous tubules are the lightly coiled tubules which are to be found inside the tested where the production of the sperms occurs initially. The surgical procedures of PESA can be performed using the regular anesthetic or sedation, and these depends on the patients and the doctors.