T hese days it is observed that out of every six couples, one couple is found to be infertile. The couple is not able to deliver a gift to earth, i.e. gift of life. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, most of the couples are facing this issue that they are not able to conceive even after many intercourse between them. SO to overcome these different kinds of infertility treatments are introduced in the medical field. The treatments like IUI, egg freezing, etc. are effective during  the young age when the females are fertile. As as when the females or the males grows in their age, their power of fertility decreases and so thus the their chances of pregnancy. In such cases, one should switch to the advanced fertility treatments which include PGD, PGS, DNA Fragmentation, Sequential embryo hatching etc.

A dvanced fertility treatment is also suggested to the couple by the experienced doctors to undergo them when they face continual unsuccessful results from their last infertility treatment cycles. It is also suggested to the patients suffering from severe infertility, tubal diseases or endometriosis to not to undergo regular infertility treatment and prefer to have some advanced fertility treatment like PGD, PGS, IVF etc. to have successful results.

A dvanced fertility treatment like IVF is to be picked up because at later stages of infertility also it still provides some insight into why the couple is not able to have the complete fertilization process leading to clear reason of why the female is not getting pregnant. These treatments enables us to evaluate the egg  fertilization and embryo developments during various stages of fertilization.

Detailed Description Of Various Advanced Fertility Treatments Made Available For Its Customers At We Care Health Services Is As Follows


PGD incorporates the testing of the embryos to check the genetic disorders due to which the couples have been diagnosed with the genetic disorders before the transfer of embryo takes place. Earlier diagnosis of the genetic disorders hereby prevents the further transfer of the genetic disorders in the new developing embryo.

PGD is preferred and suggested to the couples with the following issues:

  • Couples with inherited sex linked disorders
  • Couples with the serious autosomal dominant condition
  • Couples with the serious autosomal recessive condition


PGS is signified as the Preimplantation Genetic Screening. This is the test being performed by the developing embryos biopsy before the procedure of transfer takes place. The biopsy test also enables the doctor to identify the male and female embryos and to identify the no of normal chromosomes in the individual.

This PGS infertility treatment is preferred for the couples who do not want to give birth to the baby suffering from some genetic disabilities.


This is preferred on the couples with the condition as follows:

  • Preferred for old age women as with age the fertility of the women decreases.
  • Couples with the chromosomal abnormalities to prevent the birth of the baby with genetic disabilities.
  • Preferred for male partners to reduce the chances of the transfer of genetic disabilities.
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  • We at We Care Health Services works for the welfare of the individual in which they want to give the happiness of having one’s own child to the intended parents who are not able to conceive naturally. Our team of experts assist the intended parents from consultation to the delivery of baby. Our doctors suggests the advanced fertility treatment which includes PGS, DNA Fragmentation and many more to the clients on the basis of their past medical history which will result into high success rates of giving a new life. Here, the advanced fertility treatments are provided at friendly prices which are very less when compared to the their own country or other foreign countries for the international clients. Thus, attracting huge no. of clients to have treatment from here.