A s India has become the most preferred destination for getting the medical treatments done in India at lower cost as compared to their own countries; the need for medical VISA to India has increased. Government of India has therefore introduced medical visa for foreign patients travelling across their nation to India looking for the medical treatments in India for the extended periods.

Under the Medical attendant VISA, only two blood relatives are permissible for accompanying the patient. Validity of medical attendant VISA is same as of the Medical VISA.

Requirements of Indian medical VISA

  • People travelling the from the countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia and Israel need to have the Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. This is mandate for both adults and children.
  • Every medical document is also checked by Indian Missions and Posts those are placed abroad so as to confirm whether the request to obtain medical visa is genuine or not.
  • One gets the medical VISA only for the treatment from the recognized and reputed medical centres and that too they need to have a letter from the medical centre regarding the treatment.

Eligibility for Medical VISA application to India

M edical VISA to India is based on few conditions which need to be met before applying for the medical VISA for India. In order to ensure that the people migrating to India are purposely coming to India for the treatment, the eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled. Indian immigration authorities require the criteria to be fulfilled to be satisfied for the below mentioned reasons:

  • It should be evidenced that initial medical treatment has been given to patient in their own native country and further recommended to visit India to undergo advance treatment.
  • It should be demonstrated by the applicant that they are seeking medical attention from a recognized medical institution.
  • High priority is given to the “M” VISA applications which are associated with the several medical conditions. Serious medical conditions include neurosurgery, heart problems, ophthalmic disorders and organ transplants.

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Benefits of Medical VISA to India
There are various benefits associated with the Medical VISA to India and they are as follows:
  • A temporary immigration service is provided by the “M” or Indian medical VISA and these does not make any way for settlement in India.
  • Medical VISA provides entry into the country for a particular purpose of undergoing medical treatment.
  • Medical VISA is given for a period of up to 12 months. However, time granted for other India visit VISA is 6 months.
  • On regular basis, the govt. of India allocates the medical VISA which is valid for 12 months which can even be extended for 12 months more if required. For the extension of the medical VISA tenure, medical certificate form the recognized institute need to be presented to the relevant authorities.
  • For more details on medical VISA to India for foreigner refer government site for VISA.