Fertility treatments

F ertility can be defined as the ability of the female or the couple to conceive after the course. Females are highly fertile in the age of 20’s and the fertility decreases as the women ages. The problem of infertility comes widely after the age of 35. But nowadays, due to the poor health of the males and females because of the junk food, the problem of increased to a large extent. Infertility problem leads to loss of confidence among the couples when they see other happy parents around them which sometimes also causes the couple to separate from one other. This may be due to the family pressure or the misunderstanding among them.

A s per the advancement in the field of science and technology and due to the skilled doctors, this problem of infertility can be cured to a large extent. To cure the problem of infertility, various treatments are being provided here at We Care Health Services. The infertility treatments here are offered all across the world which includes the patients from the same country and other international patients too.

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T he various treatments being provided here by the skilled team of doctors at We Care Health Services includes advanced IVF treatments which includes IUI, ICSI, IMSI, Egg Freezing etc.

Brief description of the some of the IVF treatments is as follows

It is suggested for the couple who have been trying to conceive continuously, but have not achieved the results due to infertility problems. Thus, are suggested to undergo this IUI insemination in which the male sperms are directly injected into the female uterus to facilitate the process of fertilization among females. This is the treatment used by the couples facing these issues:
  • If female partner’s cervical mucus are not favorable to the male sperms
  • Couples who are unable to have the intercourse in a natural manner.
  • An infertility problem in males due to the antibodies of their sperms.
This is highly suggested treatment for the infertile couples, but the success rate is not very high when compared to other infertility treatments. The success rate of IUI treatment may vary in between 15 to 30%.
This is widely preferred treatment for the male partner suffering from the infertility even when they undergo intercourse regularly. This is the male infertility treatment which is also referred to as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. The cause behind the infertility can be many whereas the males suffering from sperm count abnormality or the low quality sperm or sperms with the semen abnormalities. This is preferred treatment for the old age females too with the age of above 35 who produces thick layered eggs when compared to the regularly produced eggs. This treatment is offered to the patients facing one of the few listed issues:
  • Infertility problems with males
  • Unfavorable donor sperm injection in the couple.
  • Continued failure of IVF treatment
The success rate of the IVF treatment is very high as the chances of fertilization is the highest because almost 75% of the eggs injected during the process gets fertilized. This increases the chance of pregnancy.
IMSI treatment is the treatment recommended for the couples facing the consecutive implantation failures. IMSI is the abbreviated form of Intracytoplasmic Morpholgically Selected sperm injection. This treatment involves the selection of the sperms for the microinjection into the eggs. Once the doctors go through the structure of the sperms they use their knowledge to the best to inject the sperms and increase the chances of fertility. IMSI is suitable for the patients facing the problems of :
  • Low sperm count in males
  • Ineffective results of the previous ICSI Treatments
  • Abnormal shaped sperms
IMSI treatment if provided at a very high cost as it incorporates the additional costs to the cost of ICSI treatment. Its cost is high because of the usage of advanced technology equipments and techniques and uniquely skilled doctors.
PICSI can be defined as an advancement over the ICSI treatment in terms of selection tool being used for the injection of sperms directly into the matured egg found in the female’s body. This involves the cultivation of sperm in the medium which is particular protein for the cultivation only. It is done so as to increase the chances of binding of the cultivating sperm with the mature sperm which can further be used for the fertilization process. PICSI treatment is recommended to the couples facing one of the following issues:
  • Low fertilization rate among the couple after ICSI
  • Couples facing compromised embryo development
  • DNA fragmentation with high sperm count.
  • Miscarriage history
PICSI is advised mostly due to its pros over other treatments. Its advantages include straightforward usage of PICSI dishes, high chances of selection of healthy chromosomes, selection of sperms on the basis of its fertilization value etc.
Egg Freezing

As the name signifies, this is the process of freezing the eggs produced by the females in the age of their fertility for future usage. Egg freezing is done because as the female ages, its ability to conceive decreases and also the eggs produced are not of good quality which can fertilize. So, to increase the chances of fertility at old age, the treatment of egg freezing is used in present.

The eggs collected for egg freezing can be stored for a period of 10 years although its storage period can be increased also by the designation physician depending on th equality of the eggs produced and the fertility capability.

Egg freezing is highly encouraged to be taken into consideration to overcome any changes of infertility or to avoid any chances of losing the of being a parent and giving birth to a new life. This is encouraged because the females losses their fertility capability early during the present arena due to the fast food and also faces miscarriages many a times due to the hustle and bustle involved in the lives. So its better to do egg freezing and overcome any chances of losing the hope of bringing a new life on the earth.

  • Although we need not to say that We Care Health Services have become have set a landmark in terms of the fertility treatments being provided all across the world. We are here situated in the central location of India that is the state capital, which is within the reach to each and every clients across the country as well in reach to the clients from the abroad too.
  • We comply with the laws for the IVF treatment, thus it’s easy to have the treatment. Our expert team of doctors meets the intended parents, surrogate mothers, egg donors and others to give the gift of life to the life to the intended parents using the fertility treatments.
  • Post giving this most beautiful of life, Our experts offer services like medical check-ups for the baby and mother, regular assistance for the care of new baby and the mother to have best experience.

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