O ver the past years, many patients from abroad have traveled to India, just to have the treatment from the experts of We Care Health Services . It’s the results experienced by the patients that they take pain to travel to India for the treatment. To provide the services, there are several packages also offered to International patients in India so as to reduce the overall cost of the treatment and burden. Treatment outside the city or their own town is quite difficult, but to make the period of treatment easy and comfortable for the patients and the family member is the priority.

Various services for international patients in India are provided by the WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES and these are as listed below:

  • There is great communication taking place between the patients and the staff of here.
  • Online query resolving of the patients
  • Planning of the visit of the patients to India after discussion with the doctor about treatment
  • Medical VISA invitation letter assistance to visit India for treatment
  • Help in the booking of the hotel near to hospital to have comfortable stay
  • In case, the accommodation is not available all the help is done for the patients by the staff
  • Airport pick up assistance
  • Appointment with all the doctors who has a role to play in the treatment are fixed on priority
  • Coordination of the patients and staff for the initial investigation and treatment plan as prescribed
  • Assistance regarding to sightseeing, local transportation, shopping, fun activities etc.
  • Ensuring that all the paperwork is done and patient need not to get back for paper work.
  • Consultation with doctor post the treatment
  • Follow up with the experts for any concerns after the treatment.

Treatment steps for international patients

For International patients in India, all the initial consultation is done over the skype or through phone calls, so as to avoid their travel. Further to this, all the coordination is done with them and coordinated to plan their visit to India for the treatment where all the pre tests are done and the all the decision about how to pursue the treatment are made followed by the procedure of the treatment. And the consultation is done, if required, by the patient sitting abroad.

Medications for overseas patients

Important points are kept into consideration before suggesting the medications. Especially international patients, cannot have the regular personal consultation therefore long distance patients sitting abroad receive the same pre treatment as received by the local patients. To make sure for giving the best results, the treatment for the patient is done in a manner to facilitate them in every order.

Cost of the treatment for International patients

The cost of the treatment for international patients for the treatments offered here at We Care Health Services is very less compared to the cost of treatment in their country. Therefore, to have the treatment at the budgeted cost without any burden on their pocket they prefer to take the treatment from here by using special package offered for them.