D ynamic Fertility and IVF Centre is one place in Delhi which provides the best possible treatment an be as an option to visit for both the intended egg donors and the intended parents. It is ensured that our team of experts and the helping staff provides the highest degree of care to the egg recipient and the egg donor respectively. Our staff is proud to provide the treatment to the donors and the patients with the high degree of professionalism on each step of the treatment.

We have an enhanced egg donor database to have an insight over the intended egg donors. Egg donors are screened and interviewed to find out their efficiency. These donors are also contacted on a regular interval in order to ensure their availability and information is updated.

Caucasian Egg donors

Our centre has contacts with the agencies who have contacts of the Caucasian egg donors. These Egg donors come from the countries which includes South Africa, Spain, Europe, Ukraine etc.

Our program for Caucasian egg donors is run all over through India from last several years. These Egg donors form the other countries are travelling from their countries to India as per the schedule if the intended parents. Our We Care Health Services is among the top IVF clinics.

How can I select IVF donor?

Caucasian Egg donor can be selected by requesting for the egg donor to our centre either through the email or the by filling the form available on our site. The requested details will be matched with our database and the requisite profile are sent to the intended patients for the selection. The females willing to travel to India will come and donate the eggs for the intended parents. We and the Intended parents will be having the photographs and the hostof the information and family history of the donor.

So when the Caucasian egg donor need to visit India?

On the selection of the Caucasian egg donor by the intended parents, the egg donor is recruited is selected she is recruited by Our Team. The selected donor is prepared medically and prepared with her travel documents to India as per schedule of the intended parents. On a minimum, time period of 4-6 weeks are required so as to prepare the egg donors and make her visit to Indian for the purpose of donation. In an IVF Cycle with the donor, the donor is made to stay in Delhi for a period of 10 days and for surrogacy cycle with the donor, the intended parent is required to stay for 5 days.

Chances of pregnancy of Caucasian Egg Donor treatment

If the IVF procedure with the egg donation is taken into consideration, the chances of the success are about 60% or more than this. In case, IVF is chosen with the surrogacy procedure with the egg donor, the chances are more than 70%. It depends upon the egg donor and the intended parents which decides the success of the treatment.