I want to under the process of IVF, What is the initiation step?

Initiation step for the IVF treatment is to visit the centre for scan and consultation. This can be covered in one hour appointment. First half of the appointment will involve the scan to assess the blood flow in ovaries, follicles, womb as well as checking the ovarian reserve. Cavity of the womb is assessed to rule out problems with implantation. Obstruction will also be checked which includes cysts and polyps. After the scan, you will be consulting with the doctor, where doctor will study the scan report and your medical history and will design a personalized treatment plan.

No, You can visit the centre on any day of the cycle, including your periods if you are comfortable with this. It does not make any difference from the scanning point of view.

Do I have to visit the centre for scan on particular day of my cycle?

Should I bring anything with me?

If you have any medical history, then it is preferred to bring the reports with you on the day of scan. Otherwise, scan copies of the report can be sent which can be added to your file. You do not require anything else to be brought with you.

Experts of We Care Health Services evaluate female patients who are attempting pregnancy between the age of 18 years old to 55 years old. This is so because, with the increase in age, there is a decrease in the fertility power of the females.

What is the age for the evaluation to go under IVF?

Can I get pregnant if I no longer have menses?

Yes, you can get pregnant even after you have entered into menopause. It all depends on the etiology of the lack of menses. If you are menopausal then you need to have egg donation to get your child. However, if the problem is hormonal, you can be treated with the help of fertility medications.

If the fertility treatment you wish to undergo is IUI i.e. Intra Uterine Insemination; that typically involves two weeks to complete the process. During this period of two weeks, the ovaries of the female are stimulated so as to produce the follicles, followed by the occurrence of ovulation and thereafter an insemination is performed.

In Vitro Fertilisation i.e. IVF, take more time in comparison to IUI. IVF process lasts in between 4-6 weeks prior to egg retrieval. The embryos are then transferred within 3-5 days later.

How long the treatment process takes?

How does transfer of embryo takes place?

As per each scenarios the transfer of embryo occurs differently. Multiple factors are to be considered, and patient input is critical. In general, transfer of the embryo can take place form one embryo to five embryos at one time. Females over the age of 42 years, or those who have had recurrent IVF failure, are chosen to have more embryos transferred.

No, ICSI is not performed for all patients. ICSI is performed for the patients who have an indication of the procedure, such as various male factor or prior history of poor fertilisation.

Is ICSI performed for all patients?

Are urine pregnancy test considered to be reliable test as the blood test for pregnancy?

No, the urine test depends highly on the hydration level. Moreover, they are predictable to about 25 mIU per mL of bHCG. On the contrary, blood tests are more sensitive to approximately 2 mIU per mL. Therefore, early pregnancy tests can be missed with the urine pregnancy test which could have been detected with the blood tests.

We Care Health Services treat all couples. Experts facility is provided to all the couples which includes married couples, unmarried couples, same sex couples and individuals.

Do We Care Health Services treat only married couples?

What are the choices to look for if my fallopian tubes are tied?

When seen, in this condition we have two choices that includes either surgery to attempt to repair the tubes or IVF. There are some of the advantages as well as disadvantages to both the choices and the best choice depends on the patient decision. Surgery provides the patients with the option of attempting to get pregnancy naturally indefinitely without any sort of repeated treatments, however this carries the risk of surgery that in case, it is unsuccessful due to either the type of tubal ligation or tubal damage in initial stages. IVF on the other hand offers the possible chance of pregnancy without undergoing any of the operation and maintaining any contraception or the birth control against future pregnancies once the family is completed.

The cost of IVF varies from location to location and thus, international patients prefers to take IVF treatment form India at lower costs. For details information on IVF cost, visit the IVF cost page of this site or consult the We Care Health Services.

What is the cost of the IVF treatment at We Care Health Services?

When can egg retrieval be scheduled?

Egg retrieval exact date can’t be estimated by the doctors or the patients. However, egg retrieval is scheduled to be done two days prior to the procedure. On an estimate, it takes near about 12- 14 days from the initiation phase of the IVF cycle.

Yes, one can undergo their routine exercise schedule but it is advised to refrain themselves from high impact exercise and go for easy workouts like walking, swimming, yoga or cycling during the IVF treatment. After some time of the IVF treatment, you can exercise regularly, but as the time of egg retrieval approach, it is advised to reduce the exercise for health and safety reasons of the patient.

Can I continue with my exercise schedule during the time my IVF treatment is going on?

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