Why Select Laser Assisted Hatching in IVF in India?

Many people cannot decide upon their treatment to achieve top outcomes. Infertility is a complex and rollercoaster issue. For instance, partners selecting the treatment face confusion and poor results. What happens if you do not choose the best procedure for a better outcome? Sterility is a severe problem that affects physical and psychological health. They need to select the top process for better treatment. It can cause problems if they do not have the treatment for problems. But not to worry because many assisted reproductive techniques are available to help in every condition. It will recommend by your fertility after determining your problems. The laser assisted hatching in India is one of them and a top-notch procedure.

It functions with the IVF process for successful pregnancy outcomes. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) involves collecting healthy eggs and sperm from the partners' reproductive system. It will fertilize under the observation of highly experienced experts and advanced technologies. They mix the healthy gametes for insemination and implant healthy fertilized eggs into the female uterus for pregnancy. You will be delighted to select the IVF treatment. Because we understand that every patient needs the best procedure. And IVF can function with different advanced technologies and procedures. It will increase your pregnancy chances in various conditions. Laser Assisted Hatching in IVF is one of the top techniques.  

A ssisted Laser hatching in India is an advanced technique function within the IVF process. It increases the conception chances as some partners' eggs have poor health as the thick outer layer. Laser called as Zona pellucida . And it causes problems in sperm insemination. Though your eggs will fertilize with advanced techniques in IVF the implantation takes time or face problems. Your expert will recommend LAH for better success. The Laser Assisted Hatching success rates in India are much better than traditional IVF treatment. Also, the best centre has highly advanced and professionalized procedures. It helps in the top outcome in different conditions. 

The laser assisted hatching in India performs with the embryos. As when it is there in the laboratory itself. Before the time the embryo gets attached to the wall of the womb, there is a need for it to hatch from its outer layer called Zona pellucida. This procedure is carried out by making a hole in the Zona pellucida layer by using a laser or mechanical method to help the embryos to hatch, to increase the probability of conceiving and getting pregnant. You might wonder about the extensive procedure, cost and success rates before choosing the treatment. So here are the good points for you to have the best process and outcome!

How does Laser Assisted Hatching perform in India?

The laser assisted hatching in IVF helps in successful conception. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the best process for pregnancy outcomes. It needs the partners' eggs and sperm for insemination under experts' observations. They can suggest the advanced procedure for your problems and successful pregnancy outcomes. Also, fertilization can perform with more approaches. After the insemination, your expert can recommend Laser Assisted Hatching which helps puncture the outer layer. It removes the zona pellucida layer before transferring it inside the female uterus. The following are the stages of laser assisted hatching in IVF:


  1. Medical checkups: Both partners will undergo different tests and examinations. It helps determine your health and infertility problems. They will confirm your egg and sperm status to start the IVF process. 
  2. Counselling: Our centre provides counselling sessions by the best counsellors. They help manage your psychological conditions and stress level. Also, experts recommend the best treatment procedure for your problems. 
  3. Stimulation: The expert will provide some fertility medications to the female partner. It will help increase the egg count with quality for the process. It continues for more than 10 to 15 days for better egg production. Then, the eggs will release inside the female uterus with hormonal medications. 
  4. Collecting: The doctor will suggest the day to collect your healthy eggs. It will perform with a catheter that inserts inside the female uterus through the vagina. Then a fine needle will aspirate the eggs present in the follicles. Also, the female semen sample will collect for fertilization. 
  5. Insemination: Your expert will fertilize healthy eggs and sperm under advanced observations. For instance, they will place healthy eggs inside a Petri then add healthy eggs and mix them. It will fertilize by mixing and help in providing healthy fertilized eggs. Your expert can suggest ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) if the female eggs have problems. It helps in successful insemination and healthy fertilized eggs.
Laser-Assisted Hatching:  
  1. Step 1: On the third day of embryo development, the weak acid in a fine glass pipette, a micro laser or a microtool to thin or cut a hole in the outer layer is used by the embryologist.
  2. Step 2: The embryo will wash to prevent further damage if weak acid is put into use.
  3. Step 3: Assisted hatching makes a hole in the zona pellucida layer around the embryo, and the female will have antibiotics to prevent the infection.
  4. Implanting: Your embryos will monitor by your expert with advanced technologies. It will help them in selecting healthy fertilized eggs for implantation. After five to six days, your expert will transfer the top-developed and healthy embryo inside the female uterus. They will use a catheter and transvaginal ultrasound.

What are the conception chances with laser assisted hatching?

The laser assisted hatching success rates are higher because of the highly advanced assisted reproductive approach. It helps with various problems and with IVF has a higher chance of providing successful conception. Also, the process increases the conception chances because the fertilized eggs outer layer removes before implanting. It means the eggs will take less time in attaching to the uterine lining. Still, many factors are responsible for affecting your chances of achieving better results through the best process. It is the age of the woman which plays a role in deciding the success of the assisted layer hatching. The fertility of the females decreases as they get aged. The percentage of cycles that resulted in live birth are as follows:

 6% for women with the age of the 43-44

9% for women with the age of 40-42

5% for women with the age of 38-39

1% for women with the age of 35-37

2% for women with age under 35

How much does LAH cost in India?

The laser assisted hatching cost in India will add to your IVF package. It helps in successful conception in severe conditions. Also, the IVF cost in India is much more affordable than in developed countries. IVF charges range from USD 3300 and if you compare with top industrialized nations, it starts from USD 12,000. The Laser Assisted Hatching cost in India is USD 500. So, the Laser assisted hatching in IVF price is USD 3,800. Your charges will depend on your infertility and health conditions. It will affect by various factors that cause problems in your budget. The following aspects can increase your treatment price:

  • The clinic fees affect the entire charges as some have hidden charges. It causes problems with your treatment price. 
  • Your procedure can need advanced approaches for a better outcome. It will depend on your infertility and health conditions. 
  • Partners have poor eggs and sperm conditions that create problems in your conception. You can have donor gametes for successful fertilization. These have high charges that affect your treatment charges. 
  • The price will increase for your medications and advanced checkups needed in the procedure. Your treatment will need different aspects that affect the process and charges.  
  • Your treatment can perform with different procedures ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, SSR etc. It will help in successful pregnancy outcomes. 
When does your expert suggest the LAH process?

Laser Assisted Hatching in IVF performs for successful fertilized egg implantation into the female uterus. The fertilized eggs outer layer punctures before transferring inside the womb. It increases the implantation chances for pregnancy outcomes. Your expert will recommend the best procedure after knowing the conditions. It will check with different medical tests and checkups to determine your problems. If you have faced multiple IVF failures or severe infertility problems, laser assisted hatching in India is the best option. The following conditions can manage with LAH:

  • The frozen embryo transfer with laser-assisted hatching can recommend. Because the fertilized egg's outer layer will freeze and have fewer chances to achieve a better pregnancy outcome. The LAH can help as the outer layer will puncture after thawing the embryo. 
  • You have faced multiple IVF failures and cannot achieve the pregnancy outcome. The LAH procedure can assist in successful conception. 
  • The female partner's age is more than 37 years, which causes poor egg conditions. It creates problems in fertilization and implantation. Your expert will recommend LAH for successful transfer inside the female womb.
  • Your eggs have a thick and abnormal shell that will cause problems in the insemination and transfer. It will need LAH to puncture the layer before implanting.
  • You have excessive fragmentation of the existing embryos that will cause the problem in implantation.
  • Your expert can recommend LAH if the patient has the elevated day 3 follicle-stimulating hormone. It affects the healthy egg production from the female ovaries. 
Does the laser Assist Hatching involve any risk?

For the patient, there are no differences observed for the treatment for the embryo transfer with the IVF/ICSI procedure or the IVF/ICSI procedures with the layer hatching technique. It will depend on your conditions and other factors. The treatment process will need healthy eggs and sperm for a better outcome. In some conditions, your laser assisted hatching procedure will cause problems. Because, the treatment involves puncturing the outer layer. It can affect the fertilized eggs' health and decrease the conception chances or result in child health. You need to be more careful while choosing the best process and achieve a better outcome. 

Factors Associated With Assisted laser Hatching

Various factors decide the assisted laser hatching results. There are two factors that determine the results. One of the factors is the experience of the embryologist who is handling the patients. The other factor is the characteristics of the patient. For example, the age of the patient, if the age of the patient is above 38, the live rates are reduced. Controversy related to this is that although this is a beneficial procedure still, some complications might occur. This can be the damage to the embryos during the micromanipulation technique which might lead to IVF failure. This causes a decrease in the boost of live birth rates.

Conditions under which Assisted Laser hatching is recommended

The assisted Laser hatching is recommended for the patients which are any of these following conditions listed below:

Frozen Thaw embryos

History of failed IVF cycles

Excessive fragmentation of the existing embryos

Thick or abnormal shell

Age greater than 37 years

Patients with the elevated day 3 follicle stimulating hormone

Development of poor quality embryo

Where to have the best LAH with IVF process in India?

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