E mbryo freezing is defined as the process of freezing the embryos and storing them which can be used in future as when required for the treatment cycles or to donate the same to others. When a patient is undergoing the IVF, ICSI, or the other fertility treatment lots of unused embryos are left and to get them into use they can be frozen for future.

W ith the ageing of the frozen embryos, there is no effect on the probability of getting pregnant. Although, not all the leftover embryos are suitable for freezing but a few may survive the freezing process and come into use for future.

How is embryo freezing beneficial?

Embryo freezing is good option to be used and some of reasons defining how it is beneficial are as follows:

  • Gives an individual the option to freeze and use the embryos in future for IVF or ICSI cycles.
  • In case, due to any of reasons if the treatment is not giving results and is cancelled, there is possibility to store the embryos by freezing them for future.
  • In case of any associated risk of injury or death you have an option to store your embryos.
  • If an individual is undergoing sex change operation

It gives you chances to store and freeze you embryos increasing the chances to conceive in later phase of your life too.

What is the probability of giving birth to a new life by Embryo Freezing?

As the embryos are frozen, processed and kept under observation, the probability of giving a birth to a new life is less as compared to probability of bringing a new life onto earth with fresh embryos.
Although, the length of time the frozen embryos are stored does not affect the probability of getting pregnant.

Risks of Embryo Freezing

It is quite obvious that after the freezing of embryos and the thawing process, the no of embryos that survive to be used are low. On the other hand, there may be chances that even no embryos survive till last.
It is quite common for the embryos that they lose their cells as they continue to divide during the period of thawing and transfer.
Till now, no risks related to patient or the children born through this have been identified. Research is being carried out and results are analyzed to identify the risks and the long term results of the embryo freezing.

Where can the donated embryo are used?

The donated embryos can be used only when the couple whose embryo is to be used gives consents over the same. Donated embryo can be used for three purposes as follows:

  • For the fertility treatment of other patient
    • Other couple undergoing fertility treatment
    • Embryo donation to single mother
  • For research purpose
    It can be used for the purpose of doing research by studying the same and exploring the IVF technology or stem cell studies.
  • For training purpose
    It can be used for giving training to new embryologist.