In medical terms miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion.

M iscarriage is also known as pregnancy loss, where death of an fertilized egg occurs naturally before the 20th week of pregnancy.Miscarriage is the most common complication in pregnancy. A miscarriage is a difficult situation for both the parents. This occurs when a pregnancy is lost shortly after implantation, resulting in bleeding that occurs around the time of her expected period.Even if a woman who had three miscarriages one after another still having more than 50% chances of positive results .

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Miscarriage Types

Threatened Miscarriage

In this type of miscarriage, uterine bleeding starts by cramping or lower backache. This bleeding is often the result ofimplantation, the process by which a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus lining.

Incomplete Miscarriage

In this type of miscarriage,abdominal or back pain occurs by bleeding . Bleeding and cramps may persist if the miscarriage is not complete.

Complete Miscarriage
A completed miscarriage occurs when the embryo or fertilized egg havebeen emptied out of the uterus. Bleeding should be quickly, as should any pain or cramping. A completed miscarriage can be indentifiedby an ultrasound or by having a surgical curettage performed.curettage is a surgery to remove tissue or growths from a uterus by scraping with a curette.
  • Vaginal bleeding
    T he major symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. This can vary from light spotting or discharge of heavy bleeding where light vaginal bleeding does not necessarily indicate a miscarriage.Heavy bleeding during pregnancy may be threatening to a miscarriage.
  • Pain
    Y ou may have pelvic cramps, belly pain, light ache in your lower back.
  • Blood clots
    B lood clots or grayish tissue passing from the vagina.
  • Bleeding
    W hich progresses from light to heavy bleeding
  • cramps
    I n this we suffer from sudden painful contraction of a muscle
  • Abdominal pain
    I n this we felt internal pain in abdominal muscles
  • Fever
    F ever is also the symptom of miscarriage
  • Weakness
    I f person feels weakness again and again then it may be the reasonof miscarriage
  • Back pain
    H aving back paincan also be the reason of miscarriage.
  • Exercise regularly
    For preventing miscarriage we should do exercise daily.
  • Eat healthy
    We should eat healthy food and incorporate the same in the lifestyle.
  • Manage stresslevel
    Stress level should be less and needs to be managed to avoid health issues.
  • Manage weight
    Keep weight within healthy limits.
  • Take folic acid daily
    This contains vitamin B and that is essential for cell growth and reproduction.
  • Keep your abdomen safe.
  • Do not smoke or be around smoke.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Concern with your doctor before taking any medicines.
  • Limit or eliminate caffeine.
  • Avoid environmental hazards such as radiation, infectious disease, and x-rays.
  • Avoid contact sports or activities that have risk of injury.