Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

A well-grown complete family with the PGD treatment in Delhi sayings goes in vain until and unless the treatments reciprocate themselves with the results.

N owadays, infertility seems to be a scar on the face of infertile couples the society leading them to go through depression and other health issues. But now with the modern medical solutions at We Care Health Services, the experts reciprocate the sayings of themselves and the patients who have taken treatment from here by providing the best infertility treatment.

S o, it’s completely fine to have a sigh of relief for the infertile expecting parents to leave all the concerns to the experts here. Experts team of doctors here aims to provide the best infertility solution by proving a treatment called PGD i.e. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

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What PGD is?

PGD Preimplantation diagnosis can define as a procedure of reproductive technology which involves the diagnosis of genetic defects before the implantation of the embryo created by In Vitro fertilization. Detection of genetic defects is done to prevent any sort of genetic disorders after birth that is passed onto the child by the ancestors. IVF genetic testing in Delhi is the best process for achieving a successful outcome. 

The following conditions can diagnose with the PGD treatment in Delhi:

  1. Blood continues to flow after an incision, which may be an indication of haemophilia, a condition of blood coagulation. In this circumstance, blood typically does not clot, leading to more severe external and internal bleeding.
  2. Huntington's disease is an inherited condition that damages a person's nervous system. It results in the brain's nerve cells' ageing. There is now no treatment for it, but pre-genetic testing IVF can manage it.
  3. Marfan syndrome: Those who suffer from this genetic illness have problems with their bones, eyes, hearts, and blood vessels. Although the causes are unknown, preimplantation genetic testing can help to reduce the syndrome's progression.
  4. Cystic fibrosis is a fatal condition that is inherited from the parents. It harms the digestive system, kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines, pancreas, and
  5. Duchenne muscular dystrophy: In boys, this condition slows down the development of their muscles. The genetic condition results in mobility problems, aberrant muscle growth, and other symptoms including muscle weakness.
  6. Aneuploidy is the condition that results from one partner having an excessive number of chromosomes. It impacts growth and anomalies but is not a genetic condition.
  7. Chromosome material interchange known as "crossing over" causes birth defects, miscarriages, and mental health problems.

Who needs PGD treatment in India?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is the best process to eliminate the genetic issue present in fertilized eggs. It provides the best outcome in achieving a healthy child without transmitting the disorder to the child. You can have advanced approaches as per your issues. The process function with the IVF method. It helps achieve a better outcome in severe infertility conditions. Your expert can recommend IVF with PGD treatment in India for the following problems:

  • The female partner at an advanced age has poor fertility and health conditions. At this age, they high face uterus and ovaries conditions. Also cannot produce healthy gametes for successful pregnancy outcomes. So, after 35 years of age, the female partner has a high risk of transmitting the disorder to the resulting child. Or the conception will not become successful, and the couple faces miscarriage. 
  • If a couple has a child with normal conception but carries the know genetic disorder, our expert recommends the PGD treatment in Delhi for another child. Because the disease affects the child's social, physical, and psychological well-being and makes them different from others. 
  • Partners who cannot conceive with natural conception for many years have a high chance. They have faced multiple miscarriages or pregnancy failures. It increases their risk of having the genetic disorder and the reason for impotence. 
  • Many women and men have fibrous cysts, severe infertility conditions, chromosomal abnormalities, hormonal imbalances, and others. They have a high risk of passing the genetic disorder into the resulting child.
  • The couple has faced IVF procedure failure and cannot conceive the child. It can be because of a genetic condition that affects the fertilized eggs' health. IVF embryo genetic testing can help in your successful pregnancy outcomes. 
  • Partners having unexplained infertility conditions have a high possibility of genetic disorders. It means no procedure is working in providing an outcome. And undergo numerous medical checkups and examinations but cannot know the issue. 
  • The male partner has severe infertility conditions that affect sperm quality. Such as poor count, azoospermia, oligospermia, no motility, or uneven morphology that causes problems with shape, size, and structure. 


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    What is the Process of PGD treatment in Delhi?

    The PGD treatment in Delhi functions within the IVF process. It performs by highly experienced experts and embryologists. They collect partners' healthy gametes from the reproductive system and fertilize under observation. The method involves advanced stages and methods to provide successful pregnancy. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

    What is IVF? IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the best treatment to manage different infertility conditions. It is the utmost ART procedure that supports providing partners with conception outcomes. The process includes many top-notch stages to fertilize the couple's gametes. It performs under the high observation of experts and advanced technologies. They collect the eggs and sperm from partners' reproductive systems and fertilize under observation. Also, the procedure can function with many latest methods for better results. Then, the fertilized eggs implant inside the female partner's uterus. 

    The process of PGD is very normal. It is a casual process of in vitro fertilization that involves egg retrieval and fertilization in laboratories. Further, over the three days of culture of the embryo, it will be ready to divide into eight cells.

    The steps involved in the process of IVF with PGD treatment in Delhi are as follows:

    1. Your IVF treatment will start with medical tests and examinations. The expert performs different checkups to know the partners' infertility problems. They also confirm the conception ability of the female partner. Moreover, the couple's eggs and sperm function and production will check by the expert. 

    2. The counselling session through the best IVF centre in Delhi helps partners highly. It provides them comfort from their psychological status during the treatment. Counsellors try their best to manage their partners' stress and anxiety level.

    3. Then, the expert recommends fertility medications to the female partner. It increases ovarian stimulation to produce healthy eggs. The ovaries' function raises and produces more mature eggs with a high count. Then, the hormonal injection helps release the eggs inside the female uterus. 

    4. Your expert will perform gametes retrieval. The male partner will give a healthy semen sample to the expert. And the healthy eggs will retrieve from the female uterus. It functions by inserting a catheter inside the female uterus. And a needle uses to aspirate the eggs from the follicles. Also, the male partner's semen sample prepared by the expert. They choose high-quality sperm from the sample.

    5. After it, the partners' eggs and sperm fertilize in the lab. It can inseminate by combining the health gametes on a Petri plate. Or your expert can recommend the ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Because embryo genetic testing needs successful gametes fertilization. It performs by injecting a single sperm into each egg for insemination.

    6. The PGD:
    Removal of cells
    Firstly, one or two of the cells are removed from the embryo after the embryo is ready for division.
    Evaluation of cells
    After the removal, the cells selected are evaluated in order to determine the gene with the inherited genetic defects, if in case they are present in the embryo.
    Placing back of embryos
    Once the procedure of PGD is completed and the embryos are diagnosed free from any genetic defects, they are placed back into the uterus followed by the implantation of the embryos.
    Freezing embryos
    Additional embryos which are not be used for the present can be stored by freezing them and used as and when required in future whereas the problematic gene embryos are destroyed.

    7. After the pre genetic diagnose outcome, the expert thaws the fertilized eggs to take them to the required temperature. It places on the catheter and insert inside the female uterus through the vagina. The embryo sticks into the uterine lining and starts growing. 

    8. Your expert will recommend blood testing after two weeks of the implantation. It helps to know the pregnancy outcome of the couple. 

    Who can benefit from PGD?

    The list of patients who can benefit from PGD is as follows:

    • Sex-linked gene disorders carriers
    • Females aged 35 and above
    • Individuals with chromosomal disorders
    • Carriers of sex-linked disorders
    • History of failed IVF treatments
    • History of miscarriage

    Gender identification is illegal if done for the discard of the embryo based on gender.

    What are the Advantages of PGD treatment in Delhi? 

    Many advanced assisted reproductive techniques are available to help in various conditions. These depend on the partners' health and infertility conditions. You can manage genetic issues because of various problems. There are various advantages of PGD and some of them are as follows:

    • Partners can have their biological children with the process. It functions in the IVF process which involves collecting healthy eggs and sperm. The gametes fertilize under observation to provide pregnancy outcomes.
    • The pre-genetic diagnosis can test more than 100 unique genetic conditions. It can help to know the exact issue and perform the procedure accordingly. 
    • Procedure performed before implantation thus allowing the couple to decide whether they desire to continue the pregnancy.
    • Partners have a high chance of having a healthy child without transmitting the issue. You can detect the fertilized eggs before implanting them into the female uterus. 
    • The procedure performs to manage the patient budget so you can have the best process. For having the baby in this condition, the expert recommends donor assistance. It has high charges that cause many problems. 

    • IVF with genetic testing increases the positive impact on the resulting child's psychological health. 
    How much does PGD treatment cost in Delhi?PGD treatment cost in Delhi

    The preimplantation genetic diagnosis cost is much more affordable in Delhi. It increases partners' chances to conceive their healthy child successfully. The best centre can help you achieve the best process. They have highly affordable charges that help patients achieve the best outcome.

    Many factors are responsible for affecting your IVF with Preimplantation genetic diagnosis. You need to confirm them before starting the process. These also depend on your health and infertility conditions. Healthy eggs and sperm are a must for IVF treatment. Any issue with gametes needs advanced assistance that has high charges.

    The following factors can increase your IVF with genetic testing cost in Delhi:

    • Maternal age is the top aspect that causes problems in healthy egg production. The IVF process needs healthy eggs to provide a successful outcome. If it causes problems with your eggs, so the chances will affect and charges will increase.

    • The male partner has severe infertility conditions that do not produce healthy sperm. It means they will need advanced procedures to have viable sperm for the process. Many procedures are available as SSR, TESA/PESA/MESA/TESE, etc. This help collects healthy sperm from the male reproductive tract. Also, the treatment charges increase with advanced methods.

    • Your expert can recommend donor gametes in severe conditions. The donor eggs or sperm have higher charges that increase the IVF with genetic testing cost in Delhi.

    • Various issues can cause IVF treatment failures and your expert can recommend another IVF cycle. Several IVF cycles increase the treatment charges.

    • The centre you select for PGD treatment in Delhi is well-known and has top services. They can have expensive charges for the best facilities and care. Also, some centres have hidden charges that affect the package.

    • You are choosing the embryo genetic testing treatment in Delhi from another country or state. It will include different charges for travelling, living, and other accommodations throughout the process.

    Where to have the best PGD process in Delhi?

    We Care Health Services is the best centre for PGD treatment in Delhi. We help our patients in different conditions to prove their successful pregnancy outcomes. The IVF and genetic testing performed with advanced technologies and assistance for better results. You can have various treatments and procedures as per infertility conditions. Our highly experienced fertility specialists perform methods with high dedication.

    You can have assistance paying the Preimplantation genetic diagnosis cost in Delhi. We have many facilities for patients' comfort during the treatment. For instance, any couple undergoing IVF treatment can choose the instalments, packages, and different assistance.

    Frequently Asked Questions about PGD Treatment in Delhi –
    What are my chances PGD Treatment in Delhi to have a successful IVF?

    The IVF treatment has top-notch stages with advanced technologies. It functions by highly experienced fertility and IVF doctors. The expert collects partners’ gametes from their reproduction system. It provides pregnancy outcomes with highly experienced fertility expert assistants. Your successful IVF treatment chances depend on various factors. The couple gametes should have high and healthy quality. It increases the conception chances with genetic baby outcomes. Also for better results, you can have a successful pregnancy. With it, you can have PGD treatment in Delhi.

    Does pgd treatment in delhi and IVF treatment have side-effect?

    Yes, IVF involves some side effects that can assist with advanced approaches and assistance. Your side effects depend on the health and fertility conditions of your partners. IVF treatment can cause problems in your health. If you have advanced age, severe infertility issues, and poor gametes, IVF failure, and side effects have a high chance. You need to confirm through the expert while choosing the process. Also, IVF performs to provide the couple with pregnancy chances. The IVF side effects are:

    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Miscarriages
    • Multiple births
    • Birth defects
    • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome 
    Is my decision of having IVF treatment right?

     Yes, your IVF treatment decision is right. Because IVF can function with advanced approaches and procedures. IVF treatment is the top-notch method to provide successful pregnancy outcomes. It performs with several top-notch technologies and assistance. The couple gets their genetic and healthy pregnancy. Moreover, donor gametes can use for better outcomes in severe infertility conditions. Your process can help achieve the top result to become pregnant after facing various miscarriages. The method performs under highly experienced experts. They fertilize the gametes with top assistance. 

    Can I conceive with poor egg production in IVF treatment? 

    The IVF process needs healthy eggs and sperm for a successful pregnancy outcome. It includes fertilizing fit gametes under observation. Any problems with a gamete can affect the conception chances. You will need to confirm the chances through the centre. The expert performs various medical checkups and gametes health confirmations. It helps to know you have healthy eggs or sperm. If the female partner has a severe infertility condition, the healthy egg production chances are fewer. Your poor egg production and conditions can assist with the advanced method. The donor eggs are the best method. It collects from the healthy egg donor and use in the couple’s conception. The expert fertilizes with the male partner’s sperm and implants it inside the female uterus.