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  • Enjoy the feeling of complete family with the help of advanced fertility treatment in India and PICSI is one among them.

Y es, we all believe that Doctors are the ones who will treat every kind of disease and are ascertained as the form of God on Earth. To conclude this, people also believe the same. It is all due to the medical advancement that Doctor can treat the problem of infertility and let the infertile couples also introduce the feeling of parenthood. Thus, enabling them to treat doctors as the form of God; who gave them the power and the methods to overcome infertility and bring a new life on the earth. OT have all this possible, We Care Health Services comes up with wide range of fertility treatments to accomplish the remedial prospects for infertility.

A t us, PICSI is an integrated part of the fertility treatment. PICSI is the acronym of Physiological Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. PICSI involves the injection of sperms into a matured egg for the fertilization to take place using a specialized sperm selection tool in the treatment for ICSI.

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  • Incorporates using a dish filled up with hyauronan hydrogel drop. Hyaluronan is basically a biopolymer protein found to be present over the membrane which surrounds the egg.
  • Addition of sperms into the dish
  • Mature and competent sperms stick to hyaluronan
  • Selection of binded sperms
  • Commencement of fertilization to take place.
PICSI follows the principle of sperm cultivation in a dish with hyauronan protein, to provide a medium for the sperms to to bind to oocytes. This is further followed by micromanipulated fertilization.

PICSI is suggested to the couples with the condition as follows:

  • Couples with low fertilization rate after ICSI
  • Couples with long history of miscarriage
  • High Sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Couples with compromised embryo development in previous cycles
  • Procedure mimics natural fertilization process
  • Sperms selected are more mature and competent
  • Sperms exhibit less DNA damage
  • Fewer chromosomal aneuploidies
  • Easy to use PICSI dishes; straightforward to use
  • Rejection of the selection of sperm based on its appearance
Currently at present there are no cons identified as such for the treatment of PICSI but yet there are no such evidences in front for the same. But till now the success rate of the PICSI is good enough as this incorporates the process similar to the natural fertilization process involving the binding of the sperms to the oocytes. Although the success of the treatment depend on the linkage of the sperm to the oocytes and their mobility and morphology still it does not ensure direct connection between the sperm’s ability and its fertilization success.


PICSI is a good fertility treatment and the couples thinking of having PICSI treatment in India should consult PICSI, Delhi doctor. By the advice of doctor, patients should give an eye on the alternatives to PICSI in Delhi keeping in mind the success rates. PICSI is very safe treatment being similar to the natural fertilization process.