Micro TESA

Multiple azoospermic patients with the non-obstructive azoospermia plan to undergo sperm aspiration as a part of In Vitro Fertilisation Treatment. As the sperms finds their presence in some of the parts of the testes of these infected men, numerous samples are required to perform the test so as to increase the chances of finding the sperms in non-obstructive patients.

What is Micro TESA?

Microscopic TESA also referred to as Micro dissection Testicular Sperm Extraction is the surgical procedure which is performed in the operating room under general anaesthesia in order to retrieve the sperms for IVF. It involves removal of tiny volume of the testicular tissue in the areas of sperm production using the microscope, thus improving the sperm yield. This procedure have the capability to improve the sperm retrieving capacity for men with the non-obstructive azoospermic in comparison to those achieved in past with standard testis biopsy techniques. This particular procedure increases the yield of spermatozoa on one side and on the other side decreases the amount of testicular tissues required and vascular injury created, by making process of identifying blood vessels easily. Sperms collected from the procedure are difficult to cryopreserve for future.

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Sampling Methodology
Samples of the non-obstructive sperms are taken by two types of sampling methodology. These methodologies are listed as follows: • TESE: Testicular Sperm Extraction This is a surgical biopsy of the testis. • TESA: Testicular Sperm Aspiration This is performed by sticking a needle in the testis and aspirating fluid and the tissue with the negative pressure. The sperm extraction is executed by the non-urologist referred to as anthologists.
IS Micro TESA feasible?
Micro TESA is feasible enough for the retrieval of the sperms in men who are non-obstructive and may otherwise face difficulties to go further with ICSI/IVF. Retrieval rates of the sperms collected can be improved by extracting the low no of testicular tissue and further the chances of fertility are optimized for the infertile males. It suggested to maintain careful coordination with the female partner’s reproductive endocrinologist.
When is Micro TESA performed?
Micro TESA is preferred and suggested to those who have undergone unexpected results from the TESA. The sperms retrieval outcomes of the TESA were not in accordance to those expected and were unsuccessful then they are referred to under Micro TESA. Micro TESA is performed and initiated at the time of egg retrieval, either one day before or the specific day of formation of egg. Cryopreservation of the additional tissues is also performed. Donor sperm backup is also checked if the already present donated sperms can be used, if in case, no sperms are found in the Micro TESA procedure.
Success rates of Micro TESA
Procedure of PESA involves the insertion of a very fine needle into the epididymis for obtaining the sperms. In some of the cases, sperms are isolated from the seminiferous tubules in the laboratory after preparation. Seminiferous tubules are the lightly coiled tubules which are to be found inside the tested where the production of the sperms occurs initially. The surgical procedures of PESA can be performed using the regular anesthetic or sedation, and these depends on the patients and the doctors.