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We all know that the IVF procedure are carried out to treat the infertility issues among the couples when assisted reproductive technology have failed to give the results. IVF relies on factors and the success rates of the IVF for different patients is different. Let take this thorough to understand better about the success rate of the IVF provided at We Care Health Services

In the case of the patient, when they choose a particular IVF procedure from a set of procedures, the average success rates of the treatments varies and does not remain constant. Additionally there are other factors also which affect the outcome of the IVF procedure and find the success rate.

Factors affecting the success rate

Various factors affects the success rate of IVF and few of them are as listed below:

  • Age of the female partner
  • Health of the uterus
  • Success rate from the history of IVF procedure
  • Maturity level and the quality of the eggs to be used.
  • No of embryos that have been cryopreserved
  • Luteal phase post transfer is sufficient or not
  • Reason behind the infertility

Success rate of the IVF increases with the increase of IVF stimulation attempts. It ranges maximum of over 3-4 stimulation cycle.

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Success rates of the IVF treatments here

Pregnancy rates are defined to be the best pregnancy rates per embryo transfer. Higher the rate of pregnancy per embryo transfer, decreases the cost of treatment and reduces the uneasiness and the time clear of the work linked with numerous egg retrievals.

ICSI procedure involves the healthy sperms from the testis of the male and ovum from female, for the fertilisation to occur outside the test tube before the placement into the womb. The results are not useful when the sperm count is less and the conventional IVF also becomes useless.

The success rates of the various IVF treatment provided at We Care Health Services are as listed below:

IVF: Success rate is near to 53 %

ICSI:Success rate is near to 57 %

IUI:Success rate is almost 25%

Surrogacy:Success rate is as high as 60%

Surrogacy with OD: Success rate ranges to 75 %

Frozen Embryo Transfer:Success rate is almost 33 %

The success rate of the treatment depends on a large extent upon the patient; that how he undergoes the treatment and what all precaution and medicine they take.