A person when diagnosed with Cancer is not less than any horror. On hearing this on diagnosis, simply does not mean that you should stop living up to your dreams or your life has come to an end. There are still chances left to conceive and get the privilege to bring your child onto this beautiful planet.

Egg freezing and Sperm freezing are options to preserve one’s fertility when one has been diagnosed with cancer. At We Care Health Services, egg freezing is the key procedure being a part of our highly specialized Fertility Preservation program of ours.

Affect of cancer on fertility

Cancer affects the fertility of an individual in two ways. It can cause some problems even during the fertility treatment or there may be some fertility problems encountered as side effects of treatment undergone for cancer.

The therapy obtained for cancer includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy and as these includes the usage of ultra violet radiation; these may cause some side effects. These therapies even sometimes cause the menopause among females to come up early leading to the problems in fertility for cancer patients. The pelvic surgeries also sometime cause damage to eggs and ovarian follicles which are essential for conceiving and getting pregnant. Therefore freezing options are considered as fertility preserving options.   

Egg freezing for cancer patients

B asically egg freezing is a procedure during which eggs are extracted and frozen medically and stored in a secure place. These eggs can further be thawed, fertilized, and transferred as the embryos once the cancer treatment is completed.  Eggs are frozen in a very slow manner in a experts of the field or by using flash freezing process called as vitrification.

D ue to cancer treatments, there are certain side effects of the treatment over fertility of an individual. Therefore, it is better to have some preventive option for fertility and egg freezing is the one of the best option available. This is most effective fertility option for the cancer patients. By egg freezing cancer patients are enabled to have an storage of eggs to be used in future in case of infertility or impaired fertility during any sort of IVF treatment.

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Pre-requisites for egg freezing for cancer patients
In general, the procedure of egg freezing is carried out by the experts prior to any treatment like chemo therapy, radiation therapy etc. for the cancer patients. It is also recommended to keep on track that ideally the procedure takes time of two to six weeks for the retrieval of eggs. In some cases, it is also un-affordable for the cancer patients to have delay in the treatment due to fertility procedures.
In cases, where the cancer is estrogen dependent, fertility treatments needs to carefully reviewed by the experts to ensure that the circulating estrogen does not feeds the cancer cells to enhance their growth.
At WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES, the experts review the procedure keeping an eagle eye so that there is risks left.