I nfertility is defined as the condition of inability of conceiving after a period of unprotected sex.This refer to the inability of an individual in contributing to conception, or female who are not able to get pregnant to full term. In many countries, condition of infertility is referred to as couple who has failed to conceive after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without the use of contraception.

Infertility conditions is raised highly due to the problem with the fertility of the females , whereas other remaining is caused by the sperms disorders or unidentified factors.

As a result that have been analysed it gives a picture of infertility as follows:

  • About 20% of the cases of infertility are due to the problem in man.
  • About 40%-50% of cases of infertility are due to problem in females
  • About 30%-40% of cases of infertility are due to the problems in both the partners.

Most of the cases of infertility are curable. Infertility can be caused by the fertility issues of one of the partner or due to both the partner.

Causes of infertility in female partner

There are multiple causes identified as the reason of fertility and approx. 33% of the total no. the cause of infertility is left unidentified. Various causes identified in female for the infertility are:

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Problem in the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Gene discovered by Scientists as a reason of infertility
  • Medications
  • Radiotherapy
  • Illegal drugs

Causes of infertility in male partner

The causes which have been identified behind infertility in male partner are as follows:
  • Issues with semen which may include low sperm count, no sperm, low sperm mobility or abnormal sperm.

Diagnosing of infertility

When the couples face that they are not able to conceive even after trying for 12 months, they choose to visit their doctor who could help them. So for a couple if the female partner  is older than then the age of 35 they should consult a doctors if they want to conceive. In females, the fertility power continue to decrease with age and therefore it is preferred for females to visit their doctors to diagnose the issues with their fertility so as to get the infertility problem solved in advance than delay.

An expert of infertility gives advice or suggest some of the best possible treatments which could help the couple with the issue of infertility. Many fertility tests are conducted so as to assess the causes of infertility for the intended couple.

So for the evaluation purpose, tests are conducted which may be expensive.

Infertility Tests for Men

Various infertility tests which are carried out for men to test the cause of infertility are as follows:

  • General physical exam
  • Semen analysis
  • Blood test
  • Ultrasound test
  • Chlamydia test

Infertility Tests for Females

Various infertility tests which are carried out by the experts to figure out the issues with the fertility among females are as listed below:

  • General physical exam
  • Blood test
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Laparoscopy
  • Ovarian reserve testing
  • Genetic testing
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Chlamydia test
  • Thyroid function test

Infertility Treatment

Depending on the cause figured out behind the infertility for male and female partner, the treatment options can be suggested by the experts.

Fertility treatment for male and females depending on the cause of infertility that can be taken into account are as follows:

  • Induction of ovulation for infertility
  • Insemination with the help of IUI
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Egg donation or IVF using donor eggs
  • Surgery for infertility

For details about IUI, IVF, Surgical procedure refer to their specific pages available within the site.

Risk Factors of Infertility

Risks factors are defined to be the factors which in a long run can affect the fertility powers of the individual. Various risk factors which can lead to infertility are as follows:
Females tend to loose the fertility power as she ages to 32 years and the fertility power continues to degrade. Whereas male fertility drops after the age of 40’s.
It increases the risk of infertility in males and females and also reduce the effects of fertility treatment. If a female smokes during pregnancy, she have high risk of miscarriage.
Alcohol consumption
High consumption of alcohol affects the body of male and female both. Alcohol consumption can lower male fertility in the male who already have low wsperm count.
Obesity and monotonous lifestyle are found to be prime most reason behind the female infertility. As well as, an obese men faces the high risk of abnormal sperm.
Eating disorders
Females who are facing serious underweight are due to their eating disorder which does not fulfil the nutritional requirements leading to the fertility problems.
Over exercising
Females who generally exercise more than 7 hours in a week face the problem with the ovulation as compared to the ones who don’t.
Sexually transmitted diseases
Chlamydia can damage the fallopian tubes, as well as the male scrotum is also inflamed. Other sexually transmitted infections can cause infertility problems.
Mental stress
Mental stress affects female ovulation and the sperm production. If any of the partner is stressed, there are chances that frequency of sexual intercourse is less which results into lower chances of conception.