C ryopreservation is defined as the technique which involves the freezing of the tissue or the cell so as to store it for future usage for the IVF treatment. With the storage of these embryos in earlier stages, the women do not have to go for the stimulation by fertility drugs to do the embryo transfer while the IVF infertility treatment cycles. The sperms and the embryos collected during this procedure are stored by freezing them and to be used in future IVF cycles avoiding the need for additional surgeries for the patient.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques have provided the topmost advanced options to manage numerous problems. Partners can become parents successfully with these top-notch procedures available for every situation. Many couples conceive their healthy babies through methods in infertility conditions. Cryopreservation or gametes freezing is the best technique to preserve your healthy eggs, sperm, or embryos. It can provide you with healthy gametes or embryos in advanced age or after any invasive treatment that has targeted your fertility. These methods are much expensive that couples cannot afford treatments in developed countries. You can select India because of its highly reasonable and lower processes cost than these nations. In India, many cities and states have numerous centres for treatments. Choosing the best place with affordable charges can cause complications. Cryopreservation services in Delhi are much more affordable and successful.

Who Should Opt for Cryopreservation in Delhi?

Cryopreservation is a widely used preservation option for the couple who wish the following:

Your expert can recommend storing healthy gametes and fertilized eggs for different purposes. The multiple IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) processes can become successful and much more reasonable. The process is the best for pregnancy but results in several infertility conditions. It provides healthy eggs, sperm, or embryos after a counter of time. Cryopreservation procedure is a widely used preservation option for the couple who wish the following:

    • You want to conceive a healthy child at a higher age than 35. At present, you are focusing on their career, relationship, etc.
    • Any partner has a cancer or tumor condition that requires severe treatment. Person fertility affects by the radiation waves used in cancer treatment. It decreases the health and quality of healthy gametes of the person. 
    • You have extra embryos left in the IVF cycle that can help in a future pregnancy and not require following the process again. 
    • Your IVF process faces any problems and requires delaying for some days. The fertilized eggs can cryopreserve to provide healthy embryos after some time.
    • Any partner at inherited disorder transmission risk will require PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis). The testing takes some days to provide the results of the fertilized eggs.

How many embryos are frozen on an average with an IVF cycle?

Various stages of IVF can benefit from cryopreservation. Your expert may advise keeping the sperm, fertilized eggs, or eggs themselves. Your chances of getting pregnant will rise. You can have healthy gametes in severe conditions or after failure. It will save your expenses and invasive processes. The embryo cryopreservation in Delhi provides healthy fertilized eggs to implant into the female uterus. 

    • You can freeze them according to preference (as a requirement) and the number of fertilized eggs formed in the IVF cycle. 
    • At a younger age, more healthy fertilized eggs will freeze than advanced age. It affects the health of the eggs and causes problems in pregnancy results. 
    • The female partner produces multiple eggs, and the male partner has healthy sperm, so the fertilized egg count will increase. Your multiple fertilized eggs can cryopreserve for future pregnancy results. 
    • The average no of leftover embryos for freezing purposes is shown below in the graph:

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Types of Cryopreservation

Partners can preserve their healthy eggs, sperm, and embryos for future pregnancy. It will provide those healthy gametes to fertilize or embryos to implant at an advanced age. Through the process, you can control the childbearing period and become pregnant accordingly. The types of cryopreservation services in Delhi with their brief description is as follows:

Embryo Cryopreservation

The fertilized eggs of a partner can freeze in a healthy quality to manage the pregnancy time according to their needs. Your fertilized eggs will form in the IVF cycle with the eggs and sperm. The fertility expert will recommend some fertility medicines to increase egg production. It will provide healthy and mature eggs from the female ovaries and release them into the uterus with hormonal injection. They retrieve the eggs from the female uterus with a catheter. The male partner's sperm will collect from the semen sample. It will fertilize with the healthy eggs as the expert placed on a Petri plate or can use ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) for insemination. The gametes will fertilize and observe by the expert. They can implant the fertilized eggs into the female uterus after four to five days, if your process requires to break, your expert will suggest freezing to save the embryo. 

Embryo cryopreservation can perform with the leftover fertilized eggs after implantation into the female uterus. Your expert will freeze only healthy and prosperous fertilized eggs for future pregnancy. It will save many expenses as do not require following the entire process and invasive stages.

Egg cryopreservation

The female partner is youthful and in good reproductive health. The healthy Egg freezing in Delhi is for potential future pregnancies. To stimulate egg production through the female ovaries, may include fertility medications. These medications will continue for 12 to 15 days to ovarian stimulation and increase the egg count. It will release into the female uterus with the hormonal injection from the ovaries. The eggs will retrieve by the expert with the catheter and transvaginal ultrasound.

The professional will examine it for maturity and health. Egg cryopreservation will freeze your healthy eggs to store. Several healthy eggs from your IVF procedure will be available for fertilization in the future. The egg freezing cost in Delhi will increase with the fertility and hormonal charges. 

Sperm freezing: 

The male partner's healthy sperm can cryopreserve for insemination (pregnancy) in the future. Your expert will ask for a semen sample from the male partner through ejaculation or other methods. They will wash and prepare to have healthy and motile sperm. It will freeze by the expert and stored for a long time purpose.

Many procedures are present to have conception results after cryopreservation services in Delhi. You can become parents through cryopreserve eggs, sperm, and embryos. Your expert will suggest the process according to your fertility and health conditions. You can conceive the baby through assisted reproductive techniques. The following are the procedures that can function after the gametes or embryos cryopreservation:

  • IUI: Your expert will recommend the process in no infertility conditions of the female partner. The male sperm has cryopreserved and want to become parents. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) involves placing the male sperm into the female uterus with a device. It will fertilize with the female eggs present in the uterus. The expert will insert the healthy sperm after thawing to manage its temperature for insemination.
  • IVF: cryopreservation in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the topmost procedure for healthy eggs and sperm. The process is much more successful and the best for many infertility problems of partners. It provides healthy pregnancy results because the gametes fertilize in experts observations. The eggs and sperm of partners will collect from the cryopreservation to inseminate. It can function if one gamete has cryopreserved and another will retrieve from the partner. Your expert will thaw the frozen gamete to the average temperature for the process.

Your eggs and sperm can fertilize through two forms setting them on a Petri plate or using ICSI. The expert will mix the gametes on the Petri plate as the sperm will inseminate with the eggs. In ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), the healthy sperm will select by the expert to fill into the injection and inject into each egg. It will help in eggs and sperm successful insemination to provide the fertilized eggs. Your expert will monitor the development and implant into the female uterus after some days.

  • FET: If you have frozen fertilized eggs to have pregnancy results, your expert will suggest Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) process. The fertilized eggs thaw after collecting from cryopreservation storage. The female uterus lining will prepare with medicines to adapt the embryo. It will implant into the uterus through the vagina with the catheter. The embryo transfer cost in Delhi is much more affordable and into the patient budget.

Surrogacy:- Your eggs, sperm, or fertilized eggs can use in surrogacy to have a healthy child in your hands. It is the topmost process that involves third-party reproduction as another woman carries the baby for the couple. She will become pregnant with IVF or FET. The process implants the fertilized egg into the surrogate womb.

The charges of cryopreservation in Delhi are much more affordable than in developed nations. You can have top-notch procedures at highly reasonable expenses. Your circumstances and prior methods will determine the current strategy you use. Surrogacy is a legally complicated procedure that has high charges and many regulations. The embryo transfer cost in Delhi will be much lower because you have previously fertilized eggs. Your conception process will not require starting from the first step. 

Egg Freezing in Delhi is the best to provide healthy oocytes for fertilization in severe infertility conditions. Your Egg freezing cost in Delhi will be much lower than in other cities.

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