IVF with egg donor

A ll the staff of We Care Health Services is skilled and have clear understanding of all the tasks to be performed by them. Our doctors are highly skilled and up to date with all the procedures for the treatment of infertility. The coordinating team coordinates with the patients coming from the town, state, country or abroad. We Care Health Services of Delhi, possess the capability to make the fresh and frozen eggs available to be used for the IVF. We have contacts with multiple agencies to make the eggs available as well as we have internal storage of eggs also to be used for IVF . The capability of offering the fresh and frozen donor eggs for the IVF cycles means that our patients have wide options and more control and can begin the IVF treatment with egg donor any time.
Deciding to have the IVF treatment with the fresh donor egg cycle versus frozen egg cycle is usually one of the foremost step in the process. Some of the same donors are available for fresh cycle, also have the eggs stored in the egg bank. Although questions over convenience, timeline, costs and success are few areas which are compared by the patients and on the contrast of the two options, best option for them is chosen by them.

Who can be considered as good egg donor for IVF?

Q uality of the egg produced by women affects the chances of pregnancy and carry a pregnancy to the term and for this age is the major factor. With the age of the females, her ability of producing good quality eggs decrease. The natural process referred to diminished ovarian reserve is the major reason behind the rate of decline of pregnancy with age. Fertility power of the female is at peak around the age of 25 and start to decline around 27. And by the age of 35, the fertility power has decreased to large extent. The decreased egg quality directly affects the probability of conceiving with their own eggs. As there are no medication and surgeries or therapy available that can change poor quality eggs into good quality eggs, IVF with egg donor is suggested as the effective treatment for decreased ovarian reserve. It is safest and effective option for those who have struggled with the traditional IVF, had history of miscarriagesand for those who are over 40 years old and trying to conceive.

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Comparative analysis of fresh egg donor cycle and frozen egg donor cycle

Fresh Egg Donor cycle
  • Time ranges from 1-6 months, average 2-3 months form matching with the donor for the completion of a cycle.
  • Patient have the flexibility, that the donor’s menstrual cycle can coincide with the availability
  • Various effective packages are offered with respect to the cost. Estimated cost can be figured out from the packages offered for the single cycle and multiple cycles of the IVF treatment with the egg donor with the delivery promising packages.
  • Intended patient have a large pool of egg donors available for the selection of the egg donor. Egg donors from the pool may not be available immediately for the procedure although.
  • There is high potential of the positive outcomes for multiple embryos and excess of the embryos can be cryopreserved for future use although there is no guarantee for the same.
Frozen Egg Donor Cycle
  • Time required for the frozen egg donor cycle can range from immediately matching and approximately 1-2 months so as to complete the cycle.
  • The patients and egg donor has the flexibility to plan the warming cycle around the schedule and menstrual cycle only.
  • Pricing of the frozen donor cycle with IVF varies with respect to the single cycle and multi cycle treatment being offered. Although, various packages are designed by We Care Health Services, Delhi for the patients and the intended couples.
  • There is large pool of frozen eggs made available to the intended parents by WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES for the selection of the frozen egg to choose from for the IVF cycle. In this case, all the frozen egg areavailable for the matching purpose immediately.
  • With respect to the outcomes, it is likely to have lower no of embryos created due to fewer eggs at the start of cycle but there is guarantee from WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES to have one good quality embryo available for the transfer using which the IVF cycle can take place.

Concluding paragraph

While using the donor eggs, mothers shares biological connection with the child but not genetic connection. In prior to the availability of IVF with egg donor, patients diagnosed with decreased ovarian reserve were advised with the only option of adoption. Adoption although remains viable now also, but from the decades when IVF with egg donor was introduced, this is preferred and adoption no longer remains a choice for the intended couple.

IVF with the egg donor opens up a plethora of possibilities and becomes the ray of hope for couples who have struggled to conceive. It most of the cases, it allows females who could become pregnant with their own eggs to become pregnant and be parent very easily and economically, whether they use their fresh or frozen donor eggs.