Schedule of IVF

A ll the cycles of IVF commence at the time of women’s menstrual period. IVF process is based on three basic principles and can be adjusted based on individualized needs of the patient.

Ovarian Stimulation and Egg Retrieval

Baseline Test: Day 1
Visit to hospital is scheduled on Day 1 or Day 3 following with the onset of menses for the purpose of baseline ultrasound examination and blood test.
Ovarian Suppression: 2-4 weeks
Oral contraceptives are initiated to help the beginning of ovarian suppression process. These are continued for 2-4 weeks. Overlapping with oral contraceptives is initiated before the initiation of ovarian stimulation. Lupron is given thorough daily injection to be used for completion for pre-stimulation ovarian stimulation. By the end of this, another visit to the clinic is scheduled and ultrasound and blood test is performed to ensure that down regulation is achieved.
Ovarian Stimulation: 8-12 Days
It is started with Injectable fertility medications on the days chosen by the cycle coordinator.
Cycle monitoring: Starting day 5
Regular visits to the clinic start for monitoring purpose
Ovulation Induction: Between day 8 and 12
Ovulation is triggered by the injection of HCG, administered when the follicles are judged to be mature.
Egg retrieval: 36 Hours after HCG
You are asked to visit clinic one hour before scheduled retrieval procedure for the retrieval of the egg.

Fertilisation and ICSI

Sperm collection: Day of egg retrieval
Sperms are obtained from the male partner on the day of egg retrieval.
Sperms obtained on the day of egg retrieval are joined with the eggs to initiate the process of fertilization. Sperm solution is added to eggs and fertilization occurs naturally.
PGD: 3 Days after egg retrieval
If required, PGD testing is done for the embryo in its 8 cell stage; typically 3 days after the fertilisation. Results are achieved within 24-48 hours.

Embryo transfer & Luteal Phase

Embryo transfer: 3-5 days after egg retrieval
Easy procedure without the requirements of anaesthesia. Patients are given Valium to relax muscles. Patients are required to come 30 min prior to embryo transfer and remain in bed 30 min afterwards.
All embryo in excess of the ones transferred back to the patients uterus can be frozen at this time to be used in future.
Luteal Phase Support: Day of transfer
Progesterone suppository is placed in the vagina at the time of embryo transfer.Further, patients are asked for the usage of suppositories twice a daytill the end of trimester of pregnancy or when the second blood test is negative.
Pregnancy Test: Day 14 and Day 21
Two pregnancy tests are done. Blood is withdrawn in the morning on day 9 and then on day 12 following the transfer. Your doctor will reach out to you with the results which will be available by evening of the day the test is conducted.