African Egg Donors

Egg donors are found all over the world

W e Care Health Services, there are multiple nationalities of donors which are eager to donate their eggs for the welfare of the intended couples or due to want for money. The center is associated with many agencies across the globe which is basically the egg donor agencies.

T he center has numerous egg donors available who are willing to donate their eggs from the region of South Africa. These egg donors from South Africa travel willingly and undergo donation.

T he egg donor is made to go through all related medical test to ensure that there is no adverse effect on the health of the donor or the receiver. Various checks are also conducted to ensure positive results which include analysis of their social habits, family history, motivation to donate, psychological conditions and other traits.

I n most of the conditions, the egg donor does not want to reveal their identity therefore; our center takes the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their personally identifiable information. This ensures that the information will only be revealed in case of legal issues and not anyways else.

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Egg Donor required?

Many of the intended couples who are infertile and can conceive their own child think to have an egg donor on their mutual understanding. A thorough understanding is also done by the experts of infertile couples. In the case of requirement of the egg donors, the receiver is required to mail the photograph to the center staff to collect and find the ideal donor that matches the characteristics.

It is ensured by We Care Health Services that the egg donor and the intended couple get a wonderful stay and treatment. It is ensured to help the intended couple most favorably and find the most suitable donor for the couple. The results of the egg donation procedure are very satisfactory and revert of the patients has ensured 100% client satisfaction in regards to the treatment and the comfort provided to the patients.

For more details about how the procedure is carried out and the cost, you can refer to the page of egg donation. We at We Care Health Services do not advertise to have egg donors. All the egg donors are ready to donate the eggs here only because of good name it has in its field and from the remarks of the historical patients. The experts of We Care Health Services provide excellent treatment to its patients and is referred by friends and other colleagues to their friend to go for any sort of Fertility treatment.