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We are open in serving the best possible IVF treatment to our HIV positive patients.

W ith the modernization in the field of the science and technology, the couples resulting positive for HIV are also having an alternative to go for fertility treatment and be blessed with their own child who test negative for the IVF. Various fertility treatment are made available for the IVF positive patients so that there is no chance which leaves them with the inability to be blessed of giving a birth to a new generation.

The medical sciences advancement and the experts at We Care Health Services are a sure boon for the HIV positive patients to undergo the fertility treatments.

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This is the foremost question which comes into the minds of every human that weather it is possible for an HIV positive person to have the reproductive options. Now the answer is YES .. it is possible and thanks to the medications available. HIV positive individuals are actively looking out to grow their family and in these cases, the health of the couple is on highest priority. When both the partners are HIV positive, the conceiving is normal although with an associated risk of transmission of drugs resistant strain of HIV between both the partners. When both the partners are not the HIV positive, only one is HIV positive some considerations needs to be made. As a consideration, the affected partner need to strictly follow the treatment plan so as to achieve undetectable viral load. Risk associated with this is that the virus may be transmitted when the intercourse is unprotected i.e the other partner who is HIV negative may receive the virus and gets affected with the same. It is suggested to the couple that in case this is the only method for conceiving, proper counseling should be there for them to know about the exact timing of the ovulation and adequate timing required for conceiving.
The couple affected with the HIV need to have some specialized help and attention of the experts so that there is no health risk to them as well as to the new life which they have been in wait for. Recommendations to the intended couple revolves around these areas as follows:
  • Artificial insemination with the washed sperms for HIV cases
  • Bottom sickness firmness and Direct control of experts
  • Assisted reproduction techniques in cases where the sterility problem exists.
  • Reproductive advice for the program of pregnancy under the suitable conditions or to rule it out in some cases.
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