Sequential embryo transfer

S equential embryo transfer is defined to be advancement over the earlier infertility methods. This proves to increase in the pregnancy rates for the infertile couples. As per the survey of the American Society of Reproductive Machines , the average success rate of 20 % for IVF can increase up to 50% for sequential embryo transfer. 

What exactly sequential embryo transfer is?

S equential embryo transfer is the process of transferring the two groups of embryos during the same menstrual cycle of the female undergoing the IVF treatment. The one of the group which involves the best looking and the fastest growing embryos are transferred into the uterus of the female during the first 2 or 3 days once the collection of the eggs from the ovary has been done. The second groups of the embryos are more developed, and these developed group of embryos is transferred to the female’s uterus in later stages, when at least one embryo has reached the blastocyst stage and is about to hatch themselves from the shell referred to as Zona Pellucida. This further is followed by an attempt to implant in the lining of the uterus i.e. endometrium.

Why is SET preferred?

SET is preferred over other fertility treatment for many reasons. Various reasons describing why SET is preferred over just one transfer mechanisms are as follow:  

Communication of embryos
Embryos communicate with the uterus by using hormones named as cytokines. The presence of these hormones helps for the preparation of uterus for implantation. The adequate makeup of the fluids in the oviduct and the uterus of the patient can also be possible to determine in these cases. By this the experts can determine the whether the embryo is ready to be implanted into the uterus or not. Due to presence of the embryo of group 1 on 3rd day it can help in the implantation of the second group of embryos by preparing the uterus for implantation.
• Selection of best embryo for transfer
SET is much better means of selection of the best embryo to be transferred which further diminishes the requirement for embryo freezing which may or may not survive for long.

IS SET for me?
SET is advanced option of fertility treatment and is likely to cost more than other fertility treatments. This is typical procedure and is not easily available to be done in every clinic. SET is performed by experts only and at renowned clinics only. SET procedure provides good results and highly advantageous for the patients to get to enjoy the parenthood by giving birth to new life.

Risks from the SET
There are high chances of multiple births associated with it. This is particularly due to selection of best embryos during the transfer of the embryos in to the uterus which have the higher chances of survival.

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