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What is CCSVI?

Cost CCSVI Surgery Delhi, Best CCSVI Surgery, Cost CCSVI Surgery Delhi India, CCSVI Surgery Delhi Hospitals India, Low Cost CCSVI Surgery Treatment, Multiple Sclerosis, CCSVI Liberation Treatment, CCSVI Surgery Clinics, CCSVI Surgery CausesChronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency is a chronic condition if left untreated, which causes blood from the brain and spine to be slowed or stopped in its attempt to flow back to the heart.

The condition is caused by Stenosis, a narrowing of the veins that are primarily used to drain a human’s blood from the spine and brain. This usually occurs in the jugular and azygos veins. When these veins become narrowed blood takes longer to get back to the heart and in time, causes the blood to reflux. Reflux is the term given to blood being forced back into the brain or spine. If this occurs leakage of red blood cells and other fluids can flow into the tissue of the brain and spine, at times crossing the crucial blood brain barrier. If blood stays in the brain for a prolonged period a slowed perfusion may occur. This is the delay of deoxygenated blood leaving the head. This causes a lack of oxygen or what is known as hypoxia in the brain and has been linked to fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis.

Relation to Multiple Sclerosis

A leading surgeon named Dr. Paolo Zamboni from Italy completed a preliminary study using ultrasound and MRV (magnetic resonance venography) to examine the blood vessels leading in and out of the brain of hundreds of patients and ordinary healthy controls. Dr. Zamboni discovered that the majority of the patients with multiple sclerosis including one of which happened to be his wife, had jugular and azygos veins which drain blood from the brain distorted or blocked. In the healthy controls without multiple sclerosis (MS), the veins or vessels were not.

Since the original study, two further studies have been completed to backup the theory. The first, an open label study by Dr Zamboni himself followed MS Patients after treatment. The second a randomised initial clinical study, found that 55% of MS patients had vein abnormalities

Dr. Zamboni theorises that CCSVI causes a build up of iron in the brain and causes damage to important blood vessels. The damage allows metals and other unwelcome cells such as immune cells, to cross the crucial blood brain barrier. This important barrier keeps blood and cerebrospinal fluid divided. Dr. Zamboni believes that the damage caused in CCSVI allows immune cells to cross the blood brain barrier leading to destruction of myelin, which is a crucial sheathing coating human nerves. According to prof. Zamboni CCSVI, can be treated using so called "The Liberation Treatment."

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