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Thoracoscopic repair of pectus excavatum as described by Nuss has become a well established method of repair. However, minimally invasive intrathoracic repair of pectus carinatum has not been reported in literature. We report a case of successful thoracoscopic repair of unilateral pectus carinatum.

We successfully operated on 2 infants by thoracoscopic procedures. One baby developed a stomal leak on day 3 after the operation. Using conservative management, it was completely healed 1 week later. On the postoperative day 11, he could drink without anastomotic stenosis and was subsequently discharged on the day 15 after the operation. The other baby was discharged 10 days after surgery.

However, 1 month later, he was found to have anastomotic stenosis, but was relieved of it after two balloon dilations. Both of them had an adequate weight gain during the 9- and 15-month follow-up periods. In reviewing the Chinese medical literature, it indicates that there exist only two related articles reporting about 4 successful thoracoscopic esophageal anastomosis surgeries for congenital esophageal atresia.

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