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Nucleoplasty is a means of reducing the production of breakdown products within the disc which may be irritant when the percolates (ooze) through the disc wall and on to adjacent structures such as the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament or nearby nerves.

Benefits of Nucleoplasty

  1. Minimally invasive; performed using x-ray guidance
    • Elimination of general anesthesia
    • Elimination of complications that may result from open surgery
  2. Outpatient procedure
    • No overnight hospitalization required
    • Lasts from 1-2 hours
  3. Rapid recovery time
    • Patients go home the same day of treatment
    • Quick symptom relief within two weeks for most patients

Warnings for Percutaneous Discectomy

This procedure is designed specifically for bulging discs in which the disc wall is intact. This procedure can’t be used for extruded or ruptured discs. The procedure demonstrates the best results for treating herniated lumbar discs, which are causing sciatica pain in the legs. There is a small risk of infection since it is an invasive surgical procedure.

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Recommendation for Nucleoplasty

If you have not had good results with conservative treatments for chronic back pain, then this procedure might be a good option. Of course, you must have an enclosed herniated disc causing your pain. If your condition meets the requirements for this operation and you have considered surgery, I would recommend this procedure as a strong contender. It would be wise to try this procedure before any other type of surgery to correct the bulging disc. You have little to lose by trying and you might get complete relief.

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