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Successful Bariatric surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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Medical Tourism Step by Step Process India,Step Guide Medical IndiaSend us your initial medical enquiry in the given form. All your queries would be answered within 8 working hours. We will then request you to fill and send us the Medical quote request form. This detailed form will require information regarding the nature of your illness, need for second medical opinion, medical history and medical transcripts available with you. All these data will be sent directly to the hospital / medical institution / Doctor concerned and strict security of the data maintained.


Medical Tourism Step by Step Process India,Step Guide Medical IndiaBased on the received information from you regarding your medical requirement, our panel of certified specialist doctors and medical consultants will advice on your medical treatment, approximate cost, approximate duration of stay including pre operative, hospital and post operative stay in India.


Medical Tourism Step by Step Process India,Step Guide Medical IndiaWe will also send you the entire details of your and your attending partner's stay at the respective treatment city. This will include the details regarding the treating institution/ Hospital with profiles of attending Doctors / Medical specialists and respective department at the hospital, details relating to the stay of the attending partner in the hospital / hotel / service apartment and details of the city of treatment. All this would be professionally coordinated by our specialized Hospitality Care Team.


Medical Tourism Step by Step Process India,Step Guide Medical India
  1. Acquire a written consent of your local physician to fly down to India.
  2. Enter into the required agreements with the hospitals in India for your firm medical treatment with them.
  3. Enter into the similar agreement with the chosen Hotel / Service apartment for the patients attending partner's stay and the patients pre operative and post operative stay.
All the above would be coordinated by Indiahealthtour.com


  1. Pay the medical treatment / surgery full cost to the hospital directly to book the room, operation theater and Doctors appointment.
  2. Receive the details of your date of surgery / medical treatment through email support from Indiahealthtour.com.
  3. We will also send you the detailed itinerary containing details of expected arrival date in India, dated of procedure / surgery and recuperation holiday accommodation details.


Medical Tourism Step by Step Process India,Step Guide Medical India
  1. Visa: - Now You proceed for Indian X visa ( given for special medical emergencies). Pls. Carry one confirmed appointment with the Indian Hospital / Medical Specialist papers for speedy Indian visa Clearance.
  2. Tickets: - Book tickets with the airline of your choice or the Indian National Carrier 'Air India'. Inform the airline regarding the condition of the patient. Inform Indiahealthtour.com regarding the details of-your flight.

    We Care Health Services Consultant in your country may help you for speedy visa, confirmed tickets, your facilitation and your transport to the airport. A minimal facilitation charges may be applicable for facilitation services in your city.
  3. Arrival In India
    • Meet the Our Hospitality Care Hostess and Health Hostess of the Patient Care team at the airport on-your arrival.
    • Proceed as per your itinerary to the Hospital / Hotel / Service apt.


Remember to carry all the documents, medical transcriptions, medication details and prescriptions of generic medicines / drugs as recommended by your attending partners medical specialist / Doctor to your home.


Follow up regarding any post treatment / medication may be communicated to the doctor directly or through Indiahealthtour.com. Any direct communication over the phone or video can be arranged.


  1. Our Patient Care team takes your complete care on your arrival at the Hospital / Clinic. You would directly proceed to your room on your arrival and meet your doctors team and the team of Hospital Management. The planned procedure / surgery would follow. Our Patient Care Team would be with you for the entire first day and would also meet you at the hospital on a daily basis for all services coordination in the hospital. Also, we will assist you round the clock through our Health Helpdesk where you can call anytime of the day and night.
  2. Our Hospitality Care Team would in the mean while take care of all your Hospitality requirements outside then hospital including the attending partners stay, Food, Personal translators, Prepaid phone, tour services, city guide, shopping guide, internet, laptop on hire, English support staff etc. all the above would be provided at regular Indian rates.
  3. On the completion of the treatment, clear the final bill and take discharge. Collect all the documents including discharge report, medical reports etc. Your medical specialist / Doctor will advice you on post operative stay in India.

    We Care Health Services shall arrange for your post operative stay in India at the hotel , spa or the service apts. Of your choice, also the airline tickets to fly back to your city. Any touring choice such as touring the city and any other destination shall all be arranged by We Care Health Services

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