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Successful Bariatric surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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The Comparative Costs between India and other developed countries like US, UK, and Singapore Approximate Figures In US Dollars.
TREATMENT US UK (Private) India
Bone Marrow Transplant Upto 200,000 Upto 200,000 Significantly Lower Cost
Bypass Surgery 35,000 25,000 -- // --
Breast Lump Removal ----- 3,200 -- // --
Haemorrhoidectomy ----- 3,800 -- // --
Knee Joint Replacement ----- 15,000 -- // --
Lasik Surgery 4,000 2,800 -- // --
No Stitch Cataract Surgery 4,500 2,600 -- // --
In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle 15,000 ----- -- // --
Hernia Correction 2,800 2,700 -- // --
Dental Implants 3,500 2,800 -- // --
* These rates are indicative of approximate costs. The actual rates will vary on case to case basis.

The difference in price depends upon the medical procedure you choose. In reviewing the cost of many procedures in the US, versus the same ones performed in India. Costs are typically 50-75% lower in India. The greatest cost savings is typically found in orthopedic / cardiac procedures (75-90% lower fees outside of the United States). If you have received quotes in the US for $10,000, you can expect the same procedure to cost between $2,500 and $5,000. This significant cost reduction enables you purchase a round trip air ticket, recuperative holidays post - treatment in a lazy beach location in India and return home saving money.

Individual price guide is of major treatments is available in each treatment category. Please click on the medical packages to know the cost.

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