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Successful Bariatric surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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We at We Care firmly believe that medical tourism or international patients services of patients in a country far away from their country of residence is a way of flattening of the medical world. What technology, internet, and google has done to knowledge and its flow to common man is immense.

Today people in the remote areas of the world also have access to information which they could have not imagined earlier. In our endeavor to reach to the maximum childless couples we take the help of technology and fellow doctors who may be approached by locals.

Where in few areas of the world doctors may be able to offer the treatment but the patient may not be able to afford due to it being very expensive, on the other side there are a lot of doctors and clinics affiliated with We Care who are able to provide only primary consultation or procedure. These doctors affiliate with We Care to refer cases for treatment and under our strategic relationship we offer them training for fertility treatment in India.

If you are a doctor or a hospital / clinic owner and are interested in affiliating with We Care India to refer patients, we can offer you the following : -
  • A strategic relationship to invite you / your hospital doctors to visit India on an all paid observership in their area of specialty at a known hospital in India.
  • Referral charges on case to case basis.

Kindly drop a mail at pankaj.nagpal@wecareindia.com and our CEO’s office will get in touch with you immediately to cement the relationship.

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