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Most of us don't think much about our body's circulatory system – which includes the veins and arteries that transport nutrients to the cells. But disorders of the vascular system, especially the aorta, can be life threatening.

With this in mind, each of the experienced segments of Penn Vascular Services emphasizes prevention and early detection of circulatory problems, as well as the treatment and research of vascular disease. Unlike other vascular programs in Philadelphia, our physicians are specialized in vascular medicine and are internationally recognized researchers.

The Vascular Unit comprises of a large number of personnel with specialist interest in disorders of the blood vessels. We are based at the Southampton General Hospital and provide services for a large part of South Hampshire, Isle of Wight, some of the Channel Islands and the Falklands. We are linked to the University of Southampton and are actively involved in all levels of education and research. We are always keen to reinforce our close community links and we are able to see patients at short notice.

Vascular surgery is traditionally a ‘super-speciality’ of general surgery. This has changed over the recent years as the demands of disease management have evolved. We now have clear evidence that specialist units that routinely manage ‘vascular’ conditions have better results than smaller units that sporadically do these types of cases.

We feel that a cohesive team is important in providing the best care to our patients and Southampton General Hospital ensures a high level of expertise in most fields.

The majority of vascular surgery involves artery and vein problems; but we also manage Lymphoedema, abnormal sweating (Hyperhydrosis), trapped nerves in the shoulder (thoracic outlet syndrome) and provide back-up support for the heart teams and during some cancer surgery.

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