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Paediatric Ophthalmology & Starbismus


A child's eye and the visual system are very delicate and different than the adults. Special care is required due to the developing nature of the visual system. This department is dedicated to the care of eyes of the children below 16 years.

The indiahealthtour.com represented specialty hospital also specializes in the management of ocular motility diseases e.g. squint, nystagmus, double vision etc in the children as well as adults.

Various diseases commonly managed in this department are : -

Refractive errors
'Lazy eye' disease (Amblyopia)
Congenital 'drooping' of eyes
Allergic Eye diseases

Eye Strabismus Surgery India, India Strabismus Treatment Cost Hospitals Strabismus Surgery Procedure, Resection Recession, Eye Muscles Misalignment Strabismus, Diseases And Conditions Reference, Health Encyclopedia, Squint Your Eyes
Nasolacrimal duct
(Tearing from birth)
Congenital and developmental
Squint and nystagmus

Binocular imbalance and 'double vision'
Congenital malformations of the eye
Retinopathy of Pre-maturity
Hereditary Eye Diseases
Eye tumors in children

Infrastructure Available for the Diagnosis : -

Strabismus In Child, Strabismus Surgery Procedure Vision assessment chart for children : -

Modified Sheridan Gardiner Charts
Cambridge acuity charts
Calibrated Cake decorations
Allen Picture Chart
Binocularity and Stereopsis assessment : -

Bagolini Lenses
Maddox Rod
TNO Stereopsis chart
Strabismus (Squint) assessment :-

Loose Prisms
Prism bar
Hess screen
Fresnel Prisms

ROP Screening kit : -

Portable Indirect ophthalmoscope with 30D lens Keratometer
Alfonso Speculum Topography
Slitlamp B and Ascan
Ophthalmoscope OCT3
Retinoscope Fundus and slit lamp photography
Lens bars Digital external Photography

Diagnosis is followed by treatment using LASERs or Surgery.

The infrastructure available is

Frequency double YAG LASER (By…)
Cryopexy unit
Instruments for the Strabismus surgery, ptosis surgery, nasolacrimal duct    probing and intubation set,-prosthesis fitting, pediatric cataract surgery etc.

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