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Wavefront-Guided LASIK Is A Promising New Technology That Provides An Advanced Method For Measuring Optical Distortions In The Eye. Measuring And Treating These Distortions Goes Beyond Nearsighted, Farsighted, And Astigmatism Determinations That Have Been Used For Centuries. As A Result, Physicians Can Now Customize The LASIK Procedure According To Each Individual Patient’s Unique Vision Correction Needs.

The Treatment Is Unique To Each Eye, Just As A Fingerprint Is Unique. Wavefront Systems Work By Measuring How Light Is Distorted As It Passes Into The Eye And Then Is Reflected Back. This Creates An Optical Map Of The Eye, Highlighting Individual Imperfections.

Wavefront Technology Functions As A Roadmap For LASIK Surgery, Providing Benefits To The Patient During Both The Evaluation And Treatment Process.

Wavefront And Night Time Vision

Wavefront Is A Big Advantage To Those With Large Pupils And Poor Night Time Vision. The Optical Performance Of The Eye Is Measured At Each And Every Place On The Cornea, Including The Part Which Is Used When The Pupil Is Large. Laser Treatment Is Then Programmed To Each Tiny Part Of The Corneal Surface So That Every Area Of The Cornea Gets The Optimised Dosage. Contrast Sensitivity In Low Lighting Levels Is Increased And The Risk Of Developing Night Time Halos And Glare Is Greatly Decreased.

What Is The Wavefront LASIK Procedure?

Wavefront LASIK Is Very Similar To Standard LASIK. It Involves The Surgeon Making A Small Flap On The Outer Surface Of The Cornea To Access The Cornea Itself. He Or She Can Then Correct Any Visual Defect Using A High Powered Laser.

These Beams Or ‘Data Points’ Form A ‘Map’ Of The Surface Of The Eye.

The Surgeon Can Then Program The Laser To Target This ‘Map’, Which Corrects Any Defects Or Errors In The Eye’s Focusing Power.

Who Are Suitable For The Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery?

There Are Certain Criteria That You Have To Meet In Order To Be Eligible For A Wavefront LASIK Surgery. Some Factors To Take Into Consideration Are
  • The Precision Of The Laser System Used By The Doctor
  • The Thickness Of Your Cornea
  • If You Have Mild To Moderately High Myopia
  • If You Have Mild To Moderately High Hyperopia
  • If You Have Mild To Moderately High Astigmatism

You Should Consult Your Doctor And Find Out If You Are Truly Suitable To Go Through A Wavefront LASIK Surgery.

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What Are The Advantages Of Wavefront LASIK In Terms Of The Quality Of Your Vision?

Here Are The Advantages That You Can Derive From The Wavefront LASIK In Terms Of The Quality Of Your Vision
  • There Is A Greater Chance That You Will Achieve A Twenty-Twenty Vision
  • There Is A Greater Chance That You Will Get Better Vision Than Twenty-Twenty
  • There Is A Lower Chance Of Losing The Optimal Correction For Your Vision
  • There Is A Lower Chance Of Losing The Quality In Your Vision
  • There Is A Lower Chance Of Losing Sensitivity In Terms Of Contrast
  • There Is A Lower Chance Of Getting Glares
  • It Is Unlikely That You Will Have Problems Seeing At Night
  • There May Be A Chance To Correct Previous Refractive Surgeries And Make Seeing Better With The Custom LASIK Refractive Surgery

Wavefront-Guided Treatment

The Goal Of Wavefront-Guided Laser Treatment Is To Make Corrections In The Surface Of The Cornea That Compensate For Errors In The Total Visual System. Thus, The Amount Of Wrinkle Or Error In The Wavefront Reflected From The Back Of The Eye, As Compared To The Reference Wavefront That Was Projected Into It, Defines The Compensating Optical Correction. If The Wavefront Is Retarded In Relation To The Reference Wavefront, The Laser Must Remove More Tissue From The Part Of Cornea Related To That Pattern. If The Wavefront Is Advanced (In Front Of The Referenced Wavefront), The Laser Must Remove Less Tissue. It Should Be Noted That Wavefront Treatment Does Induce Some Minor Second-Order Spherical Errors, But To A Significantly Lesser Extent Than Conventional Refractive Surgery.

In This Way, A Wavefront-Guided Treatment Is Customized To The Characteristics Of Each Eye And Intended To Minimize Higher-Order Aberrations So That The Greatest Quality Of Vision Can Be Achieved.

Wavefront Technology Is Relatively New To The United States. The U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Issued Its First Approval Of A Wavefront System In August 2002, And Other Major US Laser Manufacturers Are Expected To Receive Their Approvals In 2003. As The FDA Approves Systems And They Become Widely Available, Patients Will Have Greater Access To Wavefront Technology And Treatment.

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Equipment And Treatment

Wavefront Laser Lasik Eye Surgeons India, Wavefront Laser Lasik Eye Surgery Doctors IndiaWe Use The Most Advanced Diagnostic Machine Available In The Marketplace - The Nidek OPD (Optical Path Difference) Device.

The Nidek OPD Measures The Progress Of 8,000 Waves Of Light As They Pass Through Different Parts Of The Eye And Is The Best Available Technology In Its Field In The World.

When The Light Rays Are Reflected Back From The Eye Into The Nidek OPD, It Digitally Analyses The Differences In The Wave Paths To What They Should Be For Perfect Sight.

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