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Board certified MD gynecologist in practice for last 13 years.

Graduate from Grant Medical College and J.J. Group of hospitals.

Receivd formal training in Art & Micromanipulation at the prestigious UZ Ghent    Hospital, Ghent Belgium in 1996.

Advanced training in ICSI, Preimplantation Genetics & Laser Hatching at the    famous Alpha School of Embryology, , Naples, Italy.

Observer at the Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne, Australia where she got    exposed to newer techniques in improving pregnancy rates in ART.

She has won Kumud Tamaskar Prize for her work on pregnancy in the 40 plus    and Chorion FOGSI Award for Metformin Pregnancy.

She is an Honorary Consultant Gynecologist at the Lilavati Hospital, Bandra and   at the Hurkisondas Hospital, Prarthana Smaj, Mumbai.

Senior Trustee of Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical Trust which conducts    Medical, Dental, Engineering and Management Courses in Mumbai, Pune and    Kolhapur.

Postgraduate teacher in Obstetric & Gynecology.

Member of the academic board Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil Deemed University   and Seychelles University.

Offers most advanced infertility management options using American &    European technologies.

She has presented many scientific papers including surgical demonstrations in    national & international conferences.

Faculty in various symposia & courses including surgical demonstrations in   national & international forums.

Trained more than 400 gynecologist in intrauterine insemination, ART    techniques & ovulation induction.

She is in live interaction with the audience on NDTV, Doordarshan, Alpha TV,    ETV, Sahara, Aaj Tak etc on various shows.

Chairman of the infertility committee of Mumbai Obstetric & Gynaecological    Society of India (more than 18000 gynaecologists)

Chairman of the infertility committee of Mumbai Obstetric & Gynaecological    Society (MOGS).

Medical Advisor, FPAI, India.

Successfully launched a free helpline on infertility 2 years ago in Mumbai &    Delhi.

Distinction of delivering the 1st Assisted Laser Hatching twins in the Indian    Sub-continent. Has achieved pregnancy in a 60 year old & has delivered 5    women > 50 years old.

Interested in High risk obstetrics and has delivered patients with systemic    lupus erythematosis, chronic renal failure, heart diseases etc safely.

Specializes in Hysteroscopy, a procedure which can be done without    anaesthesia using the latest 3mm scopes.

Interested in fertility enhancing endoscopic surgery.

Holistic Approach to Womens Health:-

As a women it is important that you have regular checkups. Breast checks, Pap smears, blood pressure are all tests that should be done on an ongoing basis. Sometimes it's just good to go and talk to someone about your sexual health or to find out more about other services that might be useful to you. For some women it's also good to know that you can always see female practitoner. The Well Women's Clinic offers all of this and more !


Pap tests and breast checks

Information on how to examine your breasts

Pregnancy tested and counseling

Blood pressure checks

Testing for sexually transmitted infections including HIV

Incontinence assessment


Sexuality and safer sex practices

Fertility and infertility

Contraceptive choices


Menstrual health

Menopause and beyond

Body image

Alternatives to hysteroscopy like balloon ablation, TCRE, Mirena, Abortion Pills &    Emergency contraception


The hospital is equipped with the latest endoscopy equipment from Storz    Germany.

All laparoscopic surgeries from diagnostic to operative (i.e. hysterectomy, fibroid    removal, ovarian cysts etc) can be performed at the centre.

The endoscopy unit has recently acquired the latest 3mm hysteroscopes (office    hysteroscopy) which are ideal for treatment of infertile patients.

Transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy

This is new technique in which laparoscope is inserted thru the vagina into the    abdominal cavity.

In this manner there is no incision on the abdomen of the girl

The hospital was started in 1993 as an open nursing home with three theatres    & 16 beds. The hospital boasts of and IVF centre, endoscopy centre & a fully    equipped operation theatre

Over the years > 100 doctors have patronized the hospital

Thousands of patients have been treated here

Opthalmologists, Urologists, Orthopaedicians, General Surgons, ENT, Colorectal    Surgeons, Oncosurgeons & Gynaecologists have used the facilities, plastic    surgeons & physicians

The operation theatre is well equipped for major & super major surgeries & is    manned by 2 well trained OT Attendants with >20 years of experience

The hospital has RMOs & dedicated thrained nurses round the clock

Matron of the hospital is ex-matron of Sir H.N.hospital with more than 20 years    of experience

We have a state of art IVF Centre, an Endoscopy Centre & a Well Women's    Clinic, a Clinic dedicated for women health

More than 2000 babies in the last decade

Practicing ART since 10years

Fifth unit in India to practice ICSI

More than 3500 ICSI in the last 10 years

First unit To perform Laser Hatching in India

Delivered first laser hatching twins in India

Third unit in India to Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

One of the oldest patient in India 60 years old to have achieved pregnancy &     delivered in 2001

First in India to have achieved pregnancy with sperms from Hemiplegic's     Husband

One of the first few units in India to use high density straws for semen     freezing to prevent HIV infection

Recently started pioneering work in oocyte freezing & ovarian tissue freezing

Started a second branch in the country, now Babies and Us has a second unit     located on New Delhi

Done pioneering work in surrogacy

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