What is the IVF with sperm donor cost in India? Is it really Affordable for me?

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April 18, 2023
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April 18, 2023
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What is the IVF with sperm donor cost in India? Is it really Affordable for me?

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Suffering from male infertility issue? Unable to impregnate your partner? Or suffering from low sperm count, or not at all sperms during the ejaculation etc. – If these problems are revolving around you. Then this is the time you need to take advice from your fertility expert. We Care Health Services offers all the fertility medications to resolve the matter of male or female infertility. So, the IVF with Sperm donor cost in India is the best.

Can male infertility cause problem or the IVF with sperm donor cost in India?

If talking about male infertility, several fertility treatments are there to say male infertility Bye Bye. Since we all know that each case of fertility is different in male. Some men produce sperms in low count than average. And some of the infertile male comes up with no sperm at all. Or may be at any case,  males although turns out average count of sperms but lacks motility and healthy morphological structure.

IVF treatment with sperm donor is applied when the male is unfit to achieve fatherhood. Also,IVF with sperm donor cost in India is reasonable. And easily achievable by the infertile couples to get rid of the disorder. Once you get realized that you are inadequate to welcome the days of your fatherhood in your life. IVF with egg donor is the best option to stick on.

When the male partner after trying natural intercourse for more than six month unable to impregnate his woman, then it is sure that he is facing with infertility issue.

What issues require donor sperm

IVF is the advance fertility treatment, which is used when the female or male is impotent to perform the natural cycle of fertilization. This treatment is combined with several other ART techniques to get favourable result as per male infertility case.

IVF treatment with sperm donor –What it involves

IVF is the fertility treatment, where fertilization is achieved outside the human body and once the embryo is at the stage of blastocyst, this embryo is transferred into the female’s uterus for implantation and pregnancy later on.

During IVF treatment with sperm donor, a healthy and fit donor database is present. We Care Health Services  comes up with the best and experienced sperm donor for this treatment.

The first step of IVF with sperm donor is- the female partner has to take regularly fertility medications in order to stimulate her ovaries, stimulation of the ovaries lays out multiple eggs during the step of egg retrieval process.

Once the female’s eggs are matured enough and ready to obtained, a trigger shot injection is given before 34-36 hours of the egg collection step.  Eggs are collected with the assistance of a hollow needle, and placed on the culture dish.

On the same day of the egg assortment, male donor gives his sperm for fertilization procedure. Fertilization is achieved using donor’s sperms and the eggs from the female partner.

Once the fertilization occurs, embryo on fourth or fifth day- at the stage of blastocyst, transferred into the female’s uterus for successful implantation. Within a week or so, the female has to visit the clinic to get to know whether the embryo is successfully attached into the lining of the uterus. If it does, then soon pregnancy will happen.

True! IVF cost with sperm donor is well grounded & easy to pay

Not to worry about IVF with sperm donor cost in India, as it is reasonable other than all the countries IVF cost with sperm donor. So, Yes! It is affordable for each and every infertile male.

IVF with sperm donor cost in India is INR 1,80,000, where traditional IVF cost in India is INR 1,50,000 and  additionally it charges INR 30,000 for sperm donor cost in India.  This package of IVF with sperm donor cost in India includes-

  • Consultation charges with the fertility expert
  • Suppressing medication of natural cycle of female
  • Fertility medication and hormonal injection
  • Egg retrieval step
  • Vaginal ultrasounds
  • Blood level tests
  • Donor sperm cost
  • Lab work charges
  • Fertilization procedure
  • Embryo transfer

These steps are all included in the kit of IVF with sperm donor cost in India. You cannot find any other place, where you can get this treatment in such slashed package to treat male infertility cause. So, if you are facing with the problem of male infertility symptoms, then don’t waste your time taking advice from an inexperienced person or any experts, try to seek the best fertility doctor because IVF is not a child’s play, it really required crackerjack and veteran specialists. Take your time and find the best fertility clinic to sort out your infertility issue.

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