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Surrogacy Mother - How to Select One




We select only few of the many surrogate mom that we screen, who are in the best of health, having good reproductive history, free of any sexually transmitted diseases, and importantly who have the fervour to support someone to make their family complete.

Surrogacy in Bangalore

Each month we get many applications through our sources. Our stringent selection process causes only a small percentage of these women to join our program. When it is about you and your baby, we do not compromise. As only we understand that a lot depends on the approach, thought process, medical condition of the surrogate, we are selecting for you.

Surrogate Criteria

A wannabe surrogate has the opportunity to help in a way that only few women can! She can give the priceless gift of life to intended parents, making possible, to have a child of their own. That's why we call her Our Special Woman.

If you have made the decision to become a Surrogate or are thinking of becoming a Surrogate.
  • Special woman between the ages of 21-35 years, having a sincere desire to help infertile couple achieve parenthood
  • Special Woman who has experienced the joy of having a child and nurturing the young life
  • Special Woman who takes care of herself and her family's health and is willing to undergo physical evaluation and tests.
  • Special Woman, who is aware of the hazards of addiction (smoking / tobacco / alcohol) on pregnancy and the baby.
  • Special Woman with a positive approach and willing to undergo psychological evaluation
  • Special Woman who did not experience any major pregnancy complications
  • Special Woman who believes in families and has full emotional support from your husband / partner, who also understands the implications of the surrogacy program and is willing to participate in any which way required.
  • Special Woman, who understands the pain of a childless couple, is dedicated to the surrogacy program and also understands her responsibility towards the intended parents helping them fulfil their dreams. Thus she will not drop out of the program midway leaving the couples dreams unfulfilled

Most of our surrogates are housewives similar to stay-at-home moms; however some of them do work a full-time job. Our team meets up with the surrogate on several occasions. Every step is planned, designed and standardized for all our potential surrogates. They are initially counseled and educated about the surrogacy program and the responsibilities it carries along with.

Before we present you any surrogate mother, we ensure she has satisfied the following minimum requirements : -
  • Detailed Interview (verbal & written)
  • Psychological analysis (evaluated by a licensed clinical psychologist)
  • Reliable support system from family, friends, and work environment.
  • Investigations / screening for surrogate.
  • Detailed medical records reviewed by certified overseas trained fertility physician
  • Background Investigation Completed

Surrogacy in Bangalore

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