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This operation is carried out on patients with good hip socket (acetabulum), preoperative x-ray study should demonstrate that the femoral head would have good coverage within the socket (acetabulum) after the osteotomy. Good range of motion is another prerequisite for this type of osteotomy. In this patient the angle between the shaft of the femur (thigh bone) and the neck has been too large.

An Osteotomy, of any kind, is an operation where a bone is cut, usually realigned in some way, and then re-fixed to heal in its new configuration. The Femoral Osteotomies described in this section are, as the name suggests, osteotomies carried out on the Femur (thigh bone) to correct a number of conditions. Some operations are specifically named, others are referred to by the condition they fix, such as S.U.F.E. (Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis)

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A part of femoral head was outside the socket so that the body weight was concentrated only on a small area of the head that was in contact with the socket. In this schematic picture, you see that after the femoral osteotomy, the femoral head is well centralized inside the socket and is well covered by it.

How was it done?

The surgeon first removed a bone wedge at the junction between the neck and shaft.

Then the surgeon readapted the cut bone ends and fastened them together with a plate and screws in the new position.

The angle between the neck and shaft is now smaller and the whole femoral head is in contact with the socket.

The loads on the femoral head are now symmetrical.

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